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A. Patent Applications Filed

S. No. Description of the patent application Patent Application Number
1 A modified method for production and quality control of Peste des petits ruminants (PPP) Vaccine 485/DEL/2001
2 Indigenously developed cost effective and potent aluminum hydroxide gel concentrated oil adjuvant vaccine for foot & mouth disease 483/DEL/2001
3 A novel immune-sensor apparatus for rapid diagnosis of FMD in livestock 1245/DEL/2002
4 A process for preparing a novel herbal formulation for the treatment of mange in animals 943/DEL/2002
5 Cold process technology for preparation of urea molasses mineral block 944/DEL/2002
6 Development of an indigenous methodology IVRI crystoscope as a field tool for determining optimum time for fertile insemination in animals 945/DEL/2002
7 Oligonucleotide primer sequences for rapid identification of Mycobacterium bovis and Mycobacterium tuberculosis by a single tube multiple polymerase chain reactions 946/DEL/2002
8 The synergistic mineral mixture for increasing milk yield in cattle 1399/DEL/2003
9 Development of a methodology for production of a thermos-stable immune-prophylactic agent against Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) in chicken 1400/DEL/2003
10 Development of technology for preparation of inactivated oil emulsified egg drop syndrome-76 vaccine using indigenous strain 1401/DEL/2003
11 Utilization of buffalo liver for preparation of loaves using carrot and potato 1595/DEL/2004
12 Processing of buffalo meat crackles-a crisp snack 1639/DEL/2004
13 A new process for production of chicken meat emulsion and chicken meat idli 2146/DEL/2004
14 A novel peptide as transfection reagent for protein and nucleic acids 2148/DEL/2004
15 Development of technology for an area specific mineral mixture for Uttar Pradesh to increase productivity of bovines in respect of milk yield and body weight 2470/DEL/2004
16 A process for preparing an indigenous drug formulation for the treatment of diarrhea in animals 3463/DEL/2005
17 Production of rHA86 antigen in Pichia pastoris for development of vaccine against Hyalomma anatolicum 2133/DEL/2007
18 Synthetic peptide antigen for diagnosis of Peste Des Petits in ruminants (PPR) 2134/DEL/2007
19 Multiple antigenic peptide assay for detection of Peste Des Petits ruminants (PPR) virus specific antibodies 2135/DEL/2007
20 A chitosan based bio-preservative mixture for buffalo meat mince at 5± 1 ⁰C 2144/DEL/2007
21 A novel transfer vector for transferring genes into sheep pox virus useful for developing vectored vaccine 2719/DEL/2007
22 3 AB protein of Foot and Mouth Disease virus expressed in Pichia pastoris as a diagnostic tool to differentiate infected animals from the vaccinated 2720/DEL/2007
23 Development of technique for application of epoxy-pin external skeletal fixator for management of compound fractures in small animals and birds 2721/DEL/2007
24 A process for procuring a bio-organo mineral formulation for the therapy of skin ailments in animals 2722/DEL/2007
25 Development of technology for Area Specific Mineral Mixture (ASMM) for Delhi state to increase productivity of bovines in respect of milk yield and body weight 2723/DEL/2007
26 Mechanized process for ammonization of wheat straw 2724/DEL/2007
27 Development of Agar-gel immunodiffusion test for the diagnosis Para- tuberculosis (Johne's disease) in ruminants 2725/DEL/2007
28 Oligonucleotide primer sequences for the specific and sensitive detection of Bebesia begemina by polymerase chain reaction 407/DEL/2008
29 Oligonucleotide primer sequences for specific and sensitive detection of Trypanosoma evansi by nested polymerase chain reaction 75/DEL/2008
30 A live attenuated Vero cell derived Goat Pox Vaccine for protection against Goat Pox 76/DEL/2008
31 Development of diagnostic kit against Caprine Pleuropneumonia for field use 490/DEL/2008
32 A low volume Saponified Hemorrhagic Septicemia (HS) vaccine 1580/DEL/2008
33 Recombinant yeast expressed VP2 antigen based latex agglutination test for the sero-diagnosis of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus infection 491/DEL/2008
34 Methodology for tenderization and preparation of enrobed produce from tough goat meat 1963/DEL/2008
35 Development of a novel bilateral external skeletal fixation device for the management of long bone fractures in large animals 1964/DEL/2008
36 Functional mutton nuggets with low salt, low fat and high dietary fiber 2506/DEL/2009
37 Process for the preparation of zinc methionine complex 2505/DEL/2009
38 Jev Sel 101: An organic source of selenium 2507/DEL/2009
39 Herbo-mineral acaricide formulations against Boophilus ticks in cattle 1856/DEL/2010
40 A mixture of plants for inhibition of methane emission in buffaloes (anti- methane) 1855/DEL/2010
41 Development of post milking teat dip based on a novel herbal formulation for the prevention of bovine sub clinical mastitis 937/DEL/2010
42 process for expression of variable surface glycoprotein of Trypanosoma evansi in Pichia pastoris 2449/DEL/2010
43 Extractegg- a novel alternative to Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) in animal cell culture 2450/DEL/2010
44 Cell culture adapted vaccine for classical swine fever 2451/DEL/2010
45 A phyto-pharmaceutical preparation for the control of acaricide resistant tick infestations in animals 2452/DEL/2010
46 Development of beating cardiomyocytes from caprine fetal stem cell 2453/DEL/2010
47 Buffalo embryonic stem cell derived teratomas for the assessment of pluripotency 2454/DEL/2010
48 IVRI anti diarrheal herbal formulation (ADHF) 790/DEL/2011
49 Therapeutic application of bone marrow derived canine mesenchymal stem cells 791/DEL/2011
50 Mineral based technology for estrus induction and synchronization in bovines 792/DEL/2011
51 Attenuated Pasteurella multocida with determinant marker 2195/DEL/2011
52 An eco-friendly herbal acaricide to control ticks including acaricide resistant species infesting livestock and pet animals 2196/DEL/2011
53 Pestivirus replicase-based self-replicating RNA-replicon vector for heterologous gene expression in mammalian cells 3805/DEL/2011
54 A novel Foot and Mouth Disease Viral Asia 1 (Indian Vaccine Strain) Replicon Based Viral Vector for vaccine research and development 3806/DEL/2011
55 A novel ready to eat salty crisp milk product - Milk Nimiki 3808/DEL/2011
56 A novel bio-marker based detection of Bovine Sub- Clinical Mastitis 3807/DEL/2011
57 Ready to cook Milk Chips 3809/DEL/2011
58 Full-length infectious cDNA clone for Indian vaccine strain of Foot-and Mouth Disease virus serotype O (IND-R2/75) 626/DEL/2012
59 A rapid, sensitive and user-friendly visual LAMP-based assay for detection of Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR) virus in bovine semen 627/DEL/2012
60 Recombinant antigen based sero-diagnosis of Newcastle Disease 628/DEL/2012
61 An essential oil for inhibition of Methane emission in Buffaloes- Methane Suppressor 629/DEL/2012
62 Acaricidal properties of flower of Matricaria chamomile 3856/DEL/2012 E-2/12493/2013-DEL
63 Very low cost medium for production of salt tolerant bio-growth enhancers (Bacillus, Pseudomonas and Trichoderma) for increasing productivity of agri-horti crops in normal and sodic soils 3857/DEL/2012
64 Generation of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus empty capsids and their application in liquid phase blocking ELISA for sero- monitoring vaccinated animals 3858/DEL/2012
65 Low cost technology for prevention and treatment of sub-clinical and clinical mastitis in bovines 1154/DEL/2013
66 Cell culture attenuated live Orf Vaccine for protection of goat/sheep against Orf (contagious pustular dermatitis) 2235/DEL/2013
67 Vero cell culture attenuated live Buffalo Pox Vaccine for protection of buffaloes against Buffalo Pox 2236/DEL/2013
68 Development of Peste-des-Petits Ruminants (PPR) negative marker vaccine candidate using virus neutralizing monoclonal antibody 2237/DEL/2013
69 Compressed Complete Feed Blocks (CCFB) for reducing Methane production in cattle 2238/DEL/2013
70 Feed supplement for reducing Fascioliasis in ruminants 2239/DEL/2013
71 Utilization of spent hen meat for preparation of instant soup mixture 122/DEL/2014
72 A herbal product to ameliorate Fluorosis in animals 123/DEL/2014
73 A bioactive natural anti-tick formulation for the control of ticks 124/DEL/2014
74 Synthetic multiple antigenic peptides based effective diagnostic for bovine rotavirus infection 1130/DEL/2014
75 Construction of glycoprotein E (gE) gene-deleted mutant of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) virus Indian strain for DIVA –based marker vaccine 1858/DEL/2014
76 Vero cell culture attenuated live Camel pox Vaccine for protection of Camels against Camel Pox 1859/DEL/2014
77 An improved Brucella abortus S19 strain for control of Bovine Brucellosis 2208/DEL/2014
78 Generation of New Castle Disease Virus Strain R2B from cDNAs by Reverse Genetics technology 300/DEL/2015
79 Peptide-recombinant protein based antigen capture immunoassay for detection of Rotavirus Group A infection in animals 201611021466
80 Recombinant NS1 protein based indirect IgG ELISA for sero-diagnosis of Japanese Encephalitis in Swine 201611024016

B. Patent Granted

S. No. Description of Patent Inventors Patent number and date of grant
1 A process for preparing a novel herbal formulation for the treatment of mange in animals Suresh Chandra, Jawahar Lal, Surendra Kumar Tandan 210526, 5.10.2007
2 Cold process technology for preparation of urea molasses mineral block U. R. Mehra, R. S. Das, N.N. Pathak 210528, 5.10.2007
3 The Synergistic Mineral Mixture for increasing milk yield in cattle Mahesh Chand Sharma, Nityanand Pathak, Chinmay Joshi 232467, 25.03.2009
4 A Novel immune-sensor apparatus for rapid diagnosis of FMD in Livestock M. R. Gajendragad, K. N. Y. Kamath, C. Natrajan, A. Prabhudas, P. Y. Anil 231031, 30.03.2009
5 Oligonucleotide primer sequences for the specific and sensitive detection of Bebesia begemina by polymerase chain reaction J. R. Rao, A. K. Mishra, Raghu Ravindran 269419,29.10.2015
6 An artificially synthesized peptide Satish Kumar, M.B. Bais, R.S. Kataria, M.P. Yadav 8216843 B2 (PCT/IB2006/002786) 28.07.2012
7 Recombinant antigen based rapid sero-diagnosis of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) Drs. Sohini Dey, Chellappa Madhan Mohan, Jag Mohan Kataria 277404, 21.11.2016
8 Methods for preparation of antigen from field strain of Mycobacterium Avium subsp. Paratuberculosis and determination of antibody Dr Bhupendra Nath Tripathi 277425,21.11.2016
9 Multiple Antigenic Peptide Assay for Detection of Peste Des Petits Ruminants (PPR) Virus Specific Antibodies Drs. Satish Kumar, Samir Srivastava, Raj Kumar Singh, Mahendra Pal Yadav 278622, 27.12.2016
10 A Chitosan based Biopreservative Mix for Buffalo Meat Mince At 5±1°C Drs. Rajesh Kumar Agarwal, Bhaskaran Sunil, Kiran Narayan Bhilegaonkar, Habibur Rehman 278630, 27.12.2016
11 Synthetic peptide antigen for diagnosis of peste des petits ruminants (PPR) Drs. Satish Kumar, Samir Srivastava, Raj Kumar Singh, Mahendra Pal Yadav 278655, 28.12.2016