Institute Projects

Animal Genetics Division

  • Genetic evaluation of economic traits using pedigree information and SNP markers in murrah buffaloes and crossbred cattle (Principal Investigator:Dr. Amit Kumar; Start Date:Jul-16; END DATE: Jul-19)
  • Development of Inbred Strain of Mice using Swiss-albino    out bred Strain as foundation stock. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Pushpendra Kumar; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-20)
  • Identification of informative SNPs in buffalo breeds through HTP genomic loci. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Ashwni Kumar Pandey; Start Date:Aug-18; END DATE: Jul-20)
  • Genetic evaluation of clinical mastitis in Vrindavani cattle. (Principal Investigator:Dr. BHARAT  BHUSHAN; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Aug-21)
  • Sequence based typing of BoLA- class II genes and  production performance of cattle infected with FMDV under natural conditions. (Principal Investigator:Dr. A. K.  Sharma; Start Date:Sep-19; END DATE: Aug-22)
  • Exploring unique selection signatures in Tharparkar cattle using statistical and machine learning approaches (Principal Investigator:Dr. MANJIT PANIGRAHI; Start Date:Sep-20; END DATE: Aug-22)

Animal Nutrition Division

  • Effect of catalytic supplementation of promising unconventional oil cakes on the performance of calves. (Principal Investigator:DR. SUBODH KUMAR SAHA; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Aug-19)
  • Studies on the interaction of rumen microbes with sulphur and its manipulation for improving livestock production. (Principal Investigator:DR L.C. CHAUDHARY; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Aug-19)
  • Development of Lactobacillus acidophilus NCDC 15 based probiotic for cattle calves. (Principal Investigator:DR. ANJU KALA; Start Date:Aug-18; END DATE: Mar-19)
  • Development of buffalo origin autochthonous probiotic and its effect on neonatal gut microbiota and performance of buffalo calves. (Principal Investigator:DR. ANJU KALA; Start Date:Jul-19; END DATE: Jun-20)
  • Exploratory studies targeting strategic integration of Moringa oleifera foliage in the ruminant feeding system. (Principal Investigator:DR. NARAYAN DUTTA; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Aug-21)
  • Studies on the utilization of fruit and vegetable waste as alternative feeds for livestock production (Principal Investigator:DR. SUBODH KUMAR SAHA; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-21)

Animal Reproduction Division

  • Assessment of certain factors for low success rate of artificial insemination in bovine under field condition (Principal Investigator:Dr. N Srivastava; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-19)
  • Development of a ‘portable thawing kit’ for improvement of conception rate in   bovine under field condition (Principal Investigator:Dr. N Srivastava; Start Date:Jan-18; END DATE: Dec-19)
  • To design and develop “Cervical Softening and Dilation Device” to relieve dystocia due to incomplete cervical dilation (Principal Investigator:Dr. Brijesh Kumar; Start Date:Jan-18; END DATE: Dec-19)
  • Studies on nano-purification of buffalo semen for freezability improvement (Principal Investigator:Dr. N Srivastava; Start Date:Apr-18; END DATE: Mar-19)
  • Multiplication of Sahiwal cow through multiple ovulation and embryo transfer. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Brijesh Kumar; Start Date:May-18; END DATE: Apr-20)
  • To design and develop “Cyst ablation device” for management of cystic ovarian disease in bovines (Principal Investigator:Dr. Brijesh Kumar; Start Date:Jul-18; END DATE: May-19)
  • Detection of Humanin-like mitochondria derived peptide and its effect of supplementation in semen freezability of buffalo spermatozoa (Principal Investigator:Dr. Subrata Kumar Ghosh; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-20)


  • Development and implementation of GPS enable On-Call Veterinary Services System (Principal Investigator:Dr. Yash Pal Singh; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-21)

Bacteriology and Mycology Division

  • Development and evaluation of molecular for Identification of Salmonella enteric serovars Among Isolates of Poultry Origin. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Prasad Thomas; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Aug-21)

Biochemistry Division

  • Biochemical characterization of goat conglutinin for its antimicrobial potential. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Mohini Saini; Start Date:Oct-19; END DATE: Sep-20)

Epidemiology Division

  • Meta-analysis on brucellosis in India. (Principal Investigator:Dr D. K. Sinha; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-21)
  • Remote sensing and GIS approach for spatial-temporal analysis of tick- borne haemprotozoan and rickettsial disease of livestock. (Principal Investigator:Dr Vinodh Kumar O.R; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-21)

Extension Education Division

  • Development of educational mobile app for improving livestock health and production. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Mrs. Rupasi Tiwari; Start Date:Apr-17; END DATE: Mar-21)
  • Popularization and adoption of Napier grass  for round the year availability of green fodder  among dairy farmers in Bareilly district: An Action Research (Principal Investigator:Dr.B P Singh; Start Date:Sep-17; END DATE: Aug-19)
  • Multi-stakeholder appraisal of technologies developed. (Principal Investigator:Dr R. S. Suman; Start Date:Jul-18; END DATE: Jun-20)

Immunology Section

  • Adaptation of the cell culture attenuated vaccine candidate of duck enteritis virus in established cell line and assessment of its immunogenicity. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Satyabrata Dandapat; Start Date:Sep-19; END DATE: Aug-21)

IVRI Campus Bengaluru

  • Evaluation of selected foot-and-mouth disease virus strains for their potential as vaccine. (Principal Investigator:Dr. B.P.Sreenivasa; Start Date:Aug-16; END DATE: Jul-18)
  • Development and evaluation of MAb based ELISA system for detection of antibody and antigen against FMDV (Principal Investigator:Dr. V Bhanuprakash; Start Date:Aug-16; END DATE: Jul-18)
  • Evaluation of Cardiac Biomarkers and Cardioprotective Drugs in Foot and Mouth Disease Affected Calves With Reference to Myocarditis. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Priyanka; Start Date:Jan-18; END DATE: Dec-20)
  • Formulation and evaluation of trivalent FMD vaccine incorporating thermostable FMD virus serotype O/ IND R2/1975 (Principal Investigator:Dr. B.P.Sreenivasa; Start Date:Sep-19; END DATE: Sep-21)
  • Development of CRISPR-Cas9 edited BHK -21 host cell line for enhanced growth of Foot and mouth disease virus (Principal Investigator:Dr. Dechamma HJ; Start Date:Sep-19; END DATE: Apr-21)
  • Effect of FMD vaccination on production and reproduction in  the cow (Principal Investigator:Dr. K Narayanan                                                                                                                               ; Start Date:Sep-19; END DATE: Aug-21)

IVRI ERS Kolkata

  • Package of practices for production of quality Black Bengal goat through health and management interventions for livelihood and entrepreneurship development (Principal Investigator:Dr SUBHASISH BANDYOPADHYAY; Start Date:May-18; END DATE: May-20)
  • Studies on supplementary feeds and feeding system in integrated animal farming. (Principal Investigator:Dr Rasbehari Bhar; Start Date:May-18; END DATE: Jun-20)
  • Impact assessment of scientific food safety interventions in reducing food borne pathogens/ microbial contamination in roadside poultry processing retail shops (Principal Investigator:Arun Kr Das; Start Date:Jun-18; END DATE: May-20)

IVRI Regional Station Palampur

  • In vitro evaluation of saponins from North-western Himalayas as adjuvant in veterinary vaccine. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Rinku Sharma; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-20)
  • Value addition of native forages by ensiling and supplementing phytometabolites as antioxidants (Co-PI; Started in November 2018) (Principal Investigator:Birbal Singh; Start Date:Apr-18; END DATE: Mar-20)
  • Study on ruminant ectoparasitism in Kangra and Chamba valley of Himachal Pradesh (Principal Investigator:Dr. Devi Gopinath; Start Date:Nov-18; END DATE: Nov-20)
  • Development and evaluation of agro-waste based feed technology and its effects on the overall performance of goats (Principal Investigator:Gauri Jairath; Start Date:Sep-19; END DATE: Aug-21)

Joint Directorate CADRAD

  • Genetic diversity and population structure analysis of Theileria annulata in India (Principal Investigator:Dr. B C SARAVANAN; Start Date:Jul-19; END DATE: Aug-20)
  • Novel nucleo-diagnostic platform for detection of pathogens transmitted through bovine semen (Principal Investigator:Dr. Sukdeb Nandi; Start Date:Jul-16; END DATE: Jun-18)
  • CRISPR/Cas9 mediated gene editing of DNA viruses of veterinary important. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Gaurav Kumar Sharma; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-20)
  • Evaluation of Triazophos and Fipronil-induced reproductive toxicity in goats and its amelioration by Gallic acid”. (Principal Investigator:Dr. A G TELANG; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-21)

Livestock Economics, Statistics & Information Technology

  • Economic losses due to Classical Swine Fever (CSF) diseases and influencing factors for prevalence in India (Principal Investigator:Dr. Dinesh Kumar; Start Date:Sep-17; END DATE: Aug-19)

Livestock Production & Management Section

  • “Multiplication and evaluation of synthetic crossbred cattle strain–Vrindavani” (Principal Investigator:Dr. Gyanendra Kumar Gaur; Start Date:Apr-06; END DATE: Longterm)
  • Genetic Improvement, Conservation and Multiplication of Tharparkar Native Cattle. (Principal Investigator:Dr. A K. S. Tomar; Start Date:Aug-10; END DATE: Jul-19)
  • Water footprint assessment for milk production and growth in cattle and buffaloes at organized farm (Principal Investigator:Dr. Hari Om Pandey; Start Date:Sep-18; END DATE: Aug-20)

Livestock Products Technology Division

  • Tray packaging of fresh and processed meat products (Principal Investigator:Dr I PRINCE DEVADASON; Start Date:Jul-17; END DATE: Jul-18)
  • Analysis of market driven processing of meat to popularize convenience meat products. (Principal Investigator:Dr Suman Talukder; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-19)
  • Evaluation of antimicrobial, anti-cancer and immunomodulatory potential of cowurine and its products. (Principal Investigator:Dr Ravi Kant Agrawal; Start Date:Jan-18; END DATE: Jan-20)
  • Development of biochemical assay for differentiation of fresh and thawed frozen meat. (Principal Investigator:Dr Suman Talukder; Start Date:Jun-18; END DATE: May-19)
  • Value addition of Whey and Ghee residue. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Geeta Chauhan; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Sep-22)

Parasitology Division

  • Recombinant protein and nucleic acid based diagnostic platform for canine haemoparasitic infections. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Rajat Garg; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-20)
  • Expression of recombinant proteins of  Trichinella sp. for evaluation of serodiagnostic potential (Principal Investigator:Dr. Hira Ram; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-19)
  • Assessment of protective potential of a radiation attenuated Trypanosoma evansi immunogen against heterologous chanllenge in cattle. (Principal Investigator:DR. ANUP KUMAR TEWARI; Start Date:Sep-19; END DATE: Aug-20)

Pathology Division

  • Flavivirus infections in pigs and bats with special reference to Japanese encephalitis. (Principal Investigator:Dr. G Saikumar; Start Date:Jul-15; END DATE: Mar-19)
  • Pathology of respiratory disease complex in ruminants. (Principal Investigator:Vidya Singh; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-19)
  • Molecular Subtyping of Canine Mammary Carcinomas (CMCs) with Special Reference to Triple-negative CMCs: Correlation with Tumour Grade and Other Prognostic Factors. (Principal Investigator:Dr M. Saminathan; Start Date:Sep-19; END DATE: Aug-21)

Pharmacology and Toxicology Division

  • Evaluation of Ceftriaxone Loaded Nanoparticles for the Enhanced Antimicrobial Activity in Experimental Sepsis (Principal Investigator:Dr. Madhu C. L.; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-19)
  • Repositioning of some pleiotropic drugs for their efficacy against cardiac injury (Principal Investigator:Dr. T.U. Singh; Start Date:May-18; END DATE: Apr-20)
  • Exploring the role of leptin in high fat-induced uterine dysfunction. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Subhashree Parida; Start Date:May-18; END DATE: Apr-20)
  • Evaluation of Therapeutic Potential of Ursodeoxycholic acid in Lantana-induced cholestasis. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Shyamkumar T S; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-20)
  • Isobolographic assessment of pro-healing effects of combinations of Curcuma longa L.and Shorea robusta Gaertn. f. resin powders in rats. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Dinesh Kumar; Start Date:Sep-19; END DATE: Aug-21)

Physiology & Climatology Division

  • Flagship stem cell project- Evaluation of mesenchymal stem cell with or without EGF and HGF for liver regeneration in rat model. (Principal Investigator:Dr Swapan Kumar Maiti; Start Date:Sep-17; END DATE: Aug-19)
  • Unraveling the mechanism of embryo-uterine interaction for the improvement of in vitro embryo production in buffalo. (Principal Investigator:DR VIKASH CHANDRA; Start Date:May-18; END DATE: Apr-20)
  • Quality embryo production through OPU-IVF in Sahiwal cattle. (Principal Investigator:Dr Vikrant Singh Chouhan; Start Date:Jul-18; END DATE: Jun-20)

TEC Pune

  • A survey on antibiotic usage by field veterinary officers. (Principal Investigator:Dr Kiran N Bhilegaonkar; Start Date:Jul-18; END DATE: Aug-20)

Veterinary Biotechnology Division

  • miRNA profiling of canine mammary tumours for identification of miRNA signatures associated canine mammary tumours. (Principal Investigator:Dr Sonal                                                                                           ; Start Date:Aug-20; END DATE: Jul-22)

Veterinary Medicine Division

  • Implementing health screening and improving health care for geriatric cattle and dogs. (Principal Investigator:Dr UmeshDimri; Start Date:Sep-19; END DATE: Aug-21)
  • Refining of diagnostic and therapeutic protocol for secondary gastritis in canines. (Principal Investigator:Dr. S. K. Dixit; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-21)
  • Integrative therapy against aplastic pancytopenia and hepatobiliary dysfunction associated with canine hemoprotozoan diseases. (Principal Investigator:Dr. D B Mondal; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-21)
  • Improvement of therapeutic response against canine parvovirus infection using immunoglobulin and antioxidants. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Ujjwal Kumar De; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-19)
  • Development of topical herbal ethosomal preparation of Lemon Grass oil and Garlic oil and evaluation of its antidermatophytic potential. (Principal Investigator:Dr. Akhilesh Kumar; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-21)

Veterinary Surgery Division

  • RHO GTPases and the role of hippo signalling in the pathogenesis of dry eye syndrome in dogs. (Principal Investigator:Aswathy Gopinathan; Start Date:May-18; END DATE: Apr-19)
  • Efficacy of denervation of coxofemoral joint with intra-articular administration of stromal vascular fraction and platelet rich plasma the management of canine hip dysplasia. (Principal Investigator:Dr Rohit Kumar; Start Date:May-18; END DATE: Apr-20)

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