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Major Activities

  • Organization and coordination of various extension programmes such as Exhibitions, Animal Health Camps, demonstrations, Kisan Gosthies, farmers tours; training to farmers, farm women and field veterinarians.
  • Implementing central and state assisted livestock/rural development schemes like Sansad Gram Adarsh Yojana, Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav etc.
  • Organizing Kisan Mela Evam Pashu Vigyan Pradarshini at different stations and campuses of IVRI and other parts of the country.
  • Development of farm literature and educational films on various subjects of veterinary and animal sciences to educate the livestock owners as well as other technocrats working for development of animal husbandry.
  • Organizing Farm School on Air to educate the livestock owners by inculcating a sense of competition among them in collaboration with AIR, Rampur and AIR, Bareilly.
  • Putting up Institute exhibition stalls, organising animal health camps and kisan gosthi at different places of the country.
  • Organizing Phone-in-programmes for livestock owners in assistance with AIR, Bareilly and AIR, Rampur.
  • Organizing farmers’ participatory workshops.
  • Providing facilities of Kisan Call Centre, helpline to solve the day to day problems of livestock farmers.
  • Selling of various produce of IVRI to farmers & livestock owners through ATIC
  • Organizing mass vaccination camps against HS.
  • Organizing Interface meets between scientists and veterinary officers / livestock extension officers / dairy development officers.
  • Organizing Institute-Industry Interface meets.
  • Provide package of practices to livestock owners like deworming, insecticide spray, castration, dehorning, calf raising etc.
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