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» Centre for Wildlife Conservation Management and Disease Surveillance

Major Activities

  • Attending wildlife disease outbreaks and extending veterinary support and consultancy
  • Imparting diagnosis through postmortem of wild animals and laboratory examination
  • Histopathological examination of wild animal tissues received from different sources like zoos, forest etc.
  • Standardization and application of molecular based techniques for diagnosis of different wild animal diseases as well as for wildlife conservation.
  • Microbiological, parasitological, Haemato-biochemical and toxicological investigation on samples/ carcasses received from different Zoos and Forest Departments.
  • Nutritional analysis of feed and fodder samples
  • Standardization of animal diets in zoos and consultancies on nutrition related problems and their management.
  • Establishment and strengthening of forensic diagnostic lab
  • Devise the strategy to curb the menace by wild animals
  • Conduction of short-term training programmes / workshops for zoo veterinarians / keepers.
  • Attending wild life based scientific training/invited lectures/ conferences/seminars
  • Maintenance of IVRI Vanya Prani Udyan (Deer Park).
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