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» Centre for Wildlife Conservation Management and Disease Surveillance

Major achievements

  1. The centre has been recognized as “The National Referral Centre on Wildlife Healthcare” by Central Zoo Authority, MoEF, Govt of India in 2006.
  2. Occurrence of Infectious Canine Hepatitis (ICH) Recorded in Wolf and Soth bear for the first time.
  3. Contagious ecthyma in Blackbuck Reported for the first time
  4. Occurrence of canine distemper in tiger, lion, leopard, hyaena and red panda established by histopathology and RT-PCR
  5. Sero-prevalence of Leptospira infection in carnivores and herbivores: The disease was successfully controlled in several zoos
  6. Successfully controlled trypanosomosis in black buck at Nandanvan Zoo, Raipur, Chhatishgarh
  7. Successful diagnosis and treatment of babesiosis in Asiatic lions at Lion Safari, Etawah.
  8. Trichinella infection was recorded in wild boar and leopard for the first time in India.
  9. Successful management of Idiopathic Megacolon in a Bengal Tiger (T-24) at Sajjangarh Biological Park, Udaipur
  10. Standards, Guidelines and Protocols on Disease Diagnosis and Cure of Wild Animals in Indian Zoos were Developed
  11. Indirect Competitive ELISA Developed for Detection of Diclofenac Residue in animals /Vulture tissues
  12. Death of Steppe eagles due to diclofenac toxicity reported for the first time widened the diversity of raptors threatened by NSAID misuse in South Asia.
  13. Meloxicam was tested to be a safe NSAID for Vulture.
  14. Toll-like receptors as innate immunity markers in Nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus) were characterized
  15. Molecular marker for sex identification in Gyps vultures was developed to support conservation breeding
  16. Diets for 50 different species of captive animals were standardized
  17. Dietary interventions to improve feather coloration, reproductive performance and antioxidant status of pheasants were developed

Liver of ICH affected wolf showing Intrav
nuclear basophilic inclusions in
hepatocytes , H&E x400

Contagious ecthyma in blackbuck with
typical skin lesions of muzzle

Canine distemper in red panda: Bile duct
epithelium showing intra cytoplasmic
eosinophilic inclusions

Detection of CDV genome by RT-PCR.
Lane 3; 100bp ladder, Lane 4: test sample
positive 688 bp, lane 7: Positive control
688 bp for CFDV genome

Investigation of mortality in Steppe Eagle due to diclofenac toxicity

Trichinella sp larvae in the muscle
skeletal muscle fibres

Incorporation of green forages at 5% in the diet of captive golden pheasant improved
the feather growth and integument coloration

Centre for Wildlife (CWL) is maintaining a repository of genomic DNA isolated from wildlife samples since 2016. These samples were mostly collected from samples received for postmortem examination and other diagnostic purposes. DNA from 41 wildlife species have been isolated and stored as detailed in the table:

S.No. Species Sample no.
1 Lion 106
2 Tiger 33
3 Leopard 57
4 Jaguar 4
5 Red panda 1
6 Fishing cat 4
7 Black bear 5
8 Sloth bear 62
9 Wolf 4
10 Black buck 39
11 Spotted deer 21
12 Hog deer 10
13 Nilgai 15
14 Sambar 4
15 Blue sheep 8
16 Musk deer 8
17 Giraffe 1
18 Elephant 38
19 Zebra 2
20 Hippopotamus 1
21 Rhinoceros 3
22 Monkey 1
23 Langur 1
24 Hoolock gibbon 10
25 Porcupine 2
26 Ostrich 3
27 Prinia bird 1
28 Ibis bird 1
29 Jungle fowl 4
30 Saras crane 7
31 Peacock 17
32 Sand boa 3
33 Crocodile 5
34 Turtle 15
35 Wild boar 2
36 Vulture 24
37 Owl 2
38 Eagle 2
39 Monitor lizard 2
40 long eared bat 1
41 Chimpanzee 1
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