About Division


The Division had its inception on 21/22 June, 2004 under Xth plan after merging the existing Livestock Production Research (LPR) section with the objective of improving animal production at temperate Himalayan regions. Earlier in July, 1979, a Livestock Production Research Unit comprising of cattle, Pashmina goats, equines and laboratory animals was set up to enhance livestock production at temperate climate of Mukteswar and surrounding hill areas. However, livestock production activities at Mukteswar can be traced back to 1919 when the then state government had taken over the charge of Dairy for the supply of whole milk to experimental animals and sale of the surplus to the employees of the Institute. Initially, the main emphasis has been given for conducting research on various diseases and to harvest sera for developing prophylactic and diagnostic reagents. Breeding and production of laboratory animals for bacterial, viral and other studies started from mid-twenties. In the fourth five year plan (1969-74) a research unit of All India Coordinated Research Project on Goat for Pashmina was established and coordinated research activities were undertaken (1974-78). To strengthen livestock research units including other supporting/service units like Veterinary Medicine, Clinical pathology, Animal Reproduction etc., a new division was initiated after amalgamating all these production and research units through a multidisciplinary approach. The objectives are broadened in view of national perspectives under the new set up of Division of Temperate Animal Husbandry.

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