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» Division of Physiology & Climatology


    PnC IVRI
    PnC IVRI
  1. Research Areas

    • Climatic stress and ameliorative measures
    • Production stress and ameliorative measures
    • Embryo physiology and IVEP
    • Ovarian and placental biology
    • Endocrinology and innovative methodologies of hormonal assays
    • Stem cell biology and nanobiology
    • stem cells therapeutics
  2. PnC IVRI


    • B.V.Sc. & A.H.
    • M.V.Sc. in Veterinary Physiology
    • Ph.D. in Veterinary Physiology
  3. Training

    • Organizing faculty development programmes / refresher courses under CAFT for assistant professors and scientist working under ICAR or SAUs
  4. PnC IVRI
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