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» Division of Physiology & Climatology

Salient Achievements

  • Zone of thermo-neutrality and the upper critical temperature of Haryana and crosses bred cows was investigated.
  • FSH & LH were isolated and purified from the slaughterhouse derived buffaloes pituitary.
  • Technique for the bioassay of buffalo FSH and LH was standardized.
  • Biologically active PMSG were prepared from blood collected from pregnant mare and bioassay of PMSG was standardized.
  • Steroid impregnated intrauterine sponges suitable for goats were developed for the first time in India.
  • Antibodies against rbST were raised and ELISA was developed.
  • A 3D culture protocol developed for ex vivo preantral follicles culture in buffalo.
  • A pregnancy specific 75kDa protein was isolated from buffalo pre-implantation embryos.
  • Method for estimation of steroids from fecal samples was standardized and found very use full for wild life.
  • A new vitrification protocol of oocytes was developed with almost 100% recovery rate.
  • Stem cells were isolated and cultured from gonadal ridges.
  • Protocol developed for generation of haploid and diploid parthenogenetic caprine embryos.
  • Supplementation of sodium bicarbonate, KCl and Zinc sulphate were found to reduce summer stress in buffalo. Melatonin was found to produce heat stress reliving effect through interaction with hormones and acting as antioxidant.
  • Extract egg used as a replacement of FBS for culture of caprine MSCs and for reprogramming of fetal fibroblast cells.
  • MSCs conditioned media supplementation enhanced quality buffalo embryo production in vitro.
  • HSP70.1 investigated as molecular biomarker of heat stress in goat and buffalo.
  • Mesenchymal stem cells were isolated & characterized from murine, caprine, bubaline and canine species from adult bone marrow, amniotic fluid, amniotic membrane, Wharton’s jelly, cord blood.
  • Mesenchymal stem cells were successfully used for clinical applications like paralysis, skin wounds and bone injury etc.
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