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List of MVSc / PhD Thesis

List of M.V.Sc. Thesis

S.No. Title of thesis Author’s Name Guide Year Degree
1. Possible change in some of the chemicals constituents in blood of chickens under different physiological status Sri O P Nagia Dr. A K Pal 1961 M.V.Sc.
2. Studies on some of the lipid constituents in the blood of chicken under different physiological status Sri M Rama Rao Dr A K Pal 1961 M.V.Sc.
3. Studies on rumen movements in cattle Sri S S Riar Dr A K Pal 1962 M.V.Sc.
4. Thermoglycemic response in chicken Sri M N Sharma Dr. A K Pal 1962 M.V.Sc.
5. Studies on estrogenic activity of some plant materials included in cattle feed Sri. P D Kappor Dr. A K Pal 1963 M.V.Sc.
6. Effect of thermal stress on some physiological responses of Kankrej heifers Sri K C Mukerjee Dr. A K Pal 1963 M.V.Sc.
7. Possible relationship between estrogenic activity of feed and responses in alkaline phosphatase activity of the reproductive tract of animals Sri J K Pandey Dr. A K Pal 1964 M.V.Sc.
8. Studies on factors influencing variations of estrogenic activity in Berseam Sri A S Murty Dr. A K Pal 1964 M.V.Sc.
9. Effect of plants & synthetic oestrogens on growth Sri S.K. Saxena Dr. A K Pal 1965 M.V.Sc.
10. Estrogenic activity in plants used as cattle feed Sr. B N Ray Dr. A K Pal 1965 M.V.Sc.
11. Valatile fatty acid production in sheep rumen Sri P C Mital Dr A K Pal 1965 M.V.Sc.
12. The nutritive value of “AKRA” (Viscia sativa and Viscia hirsuta) as feed supplements for poultry Sri S C Saxena Dr A K Pal 1965 M.V.Sc.
13. Pattern of volatile fatty acid production under different feeding regimes in ruminants Sri B. Yadgiri Dr. A K Pal 1966 M.V.Sc.
14. Growth rate of chicks on feeding berseem at different levels Sri M A Hussain Dr A K Pal 1967 M.V.Sc.
15. Physiological responses on feeding “AKRA” (Vicia Species) A study on possible effect on blood composition in Pigs. Sri S Mukhopadhyay Dr A K Pal 1968 M.V.Sc.
16. Physiological responses on feeding “ AKRA” (Vicia Species) digestibility in piglets on replacement of feed with AKRA Sri T S Popli Dr A K Pal 1968 M.V.Sc.
17. Estrogenic activity in plants used as cattle feed possible effects on reproduction tract Sri S N Ghosh Dr A K Pal 1968 M.V.Sc.
18. Estrogenic activity in plants used as cattle feed: Possible effect on the growth of mammary gland. Sri BBhattacharyya Dr A K Pal 1968 M.V.Sc.
19. Estrogenic activity of plants used as cattle feed: A study on alkaline phosphatase and cholesterol content in tissues Sri K V Rao Dr. A K Pal 1968 M.V.Sc.
20. A study of thyroid activity of ruminant under different climatic conditions Sri D K Nandi Dr. A K Pal 1974 M.V.Sc.
21. Studies on Physico-chemical constituents of buck semen Dr. Sohan Vir Singh Dr. M. M. Raza Nasir 1988 M.Sc.
22. In vitro maturation of follicular oocytes of buffaloes collected from slaughter house ovaries Dr. Pramod K Katiyar Dr. A C Majumdar 1988 M.Sc.
23. Studies on some physiological and biochemical parameters of blood in cross-bred bulls under tropical environment Dr. H C Gangwar Dr. S K Saxena 1988 M.Sc.
24. Studies in testosterone levels in hyphotyroid male goats Dr. P S P Gupta Dr. P C Sanwal 1989 M.V.Sc.
25. Plasma testosterone profile in cross bred cows and buffalos during eterous cycle and superovulation Dr. I J Reddy Dr. V P Varshney 1989 M.V.Sc.
26. The effect of growth hormones and insulin on growth and related parameter in growing kids Dr. G Verma Dr. D C Shukla 1991 M.V.Sc.
27. Neuroendocrinal and biochemical responses in stress induced goats Dr. (Mrs.) B G Rudramma Dr. P C Sanwal 1997 M.V.Sc.
28. Beta-adrenergic agonist as repartitioning agents in goats Dr. Shanker De Dr. D C Shukla 1997 M.V.Sc.
29. Chronobiotic effect of exogenous melatonin on brain and blood metabolism in albino rats Dr. J P Korde Dr. R S Srivastava 1997 M.V.Sc.
30. Plasma levels of thyroid hormones and some associated biochemical parameters in dogs Dr. P K Reddy Dr. V P Varshney 1997 M.V.Sc.
31. Studies on the effect of heat stress in induced hypothyrodic growing broiler chickens Dr. S. Saha Dr. K C Tripathi 1997 M.V.Sc.
32. Comparative study on rumen fermentation in cattle and buffalos under similar feeding regime Dr. C Karak Dr. B B Mahapatro 1997 M.V.Sc.
33. Fertilization and developmental competence of caprine oocytes matured over granulosa cell monolayer Dr. Alok Teotia Dr. G Taru Sharma 1998 M.V.Sc.
34. Comparative study on use Beta-Agonists in goats Dr. S. Jayachadran Dr. D C Shukla 1999 M.V.Sc.
35. Studies on pineal peptide profile in goats and evaluation of its gonadal effects. Dr. N H Mohan Dr. R S Srivastava 2000 M.V.Sc.
36. Influence of nitric oxide on in vitro maturation, fertilization and developmental competence of caprine oocytes Dr. K Loganathasamy Dr. G Taru Sharma 2000 M.V.Sc.
37. Physiological responses to treadmill exercise in induced hypothyroid goats Dr. R Kamalakannan Dr. P C Sanwal 2000 M.V.Sc.
38. Studies on chicken semen dilutor (s) and its role in short-term preservation of spermatozoa Dr. K C Tripathi 2000 Dr. S Manoharan M.V.Sc.
39. Studies on follicular dynamics in induced hypothyroid cyclic black Bengal goats Dr. G Mahendran Dr. V P Varshney 2001 M.V.Sc.
40. Interrelationship of growth hormone and lactation in buffaloes Dr. Patel Deven Dr. D C Shukla 2001 M.V.Sc.
41. Studies on vitrification of goat oocytes and their in vitro fertilization Dr. M S Vinayaki Dr. A C Majumdar 2002 M.V.Sc.
42. Comparative studies on maturation and developmental competence of intrafollicular and extrafollicular in vitro cultured caprine oocytes Dr. Anilkumar B Dr. G Taru Sharma 2002 M.V.Sc.
43. Profile of bubaline pineal proteins peptides and their immunopotentiation Dr. Manish Tandon Dr. R S Srivastava 2002 M.V.Sc.
44. Effect of treadmill exercise and heat on physiology of male buffalo calves Dr. J P Meharda Dr. V P Varshney 2002 M.V.Sc.
45. Studies on development of in vitro generated buffalo embryos in culture Dr. Arathy D S Dr. M S Chauhan 2003 M.V.Sc.
46. Effect of exogenous somatotropoin (rbST) on circulating somatotropin, certain endocrines and blood metabolites in buffalos Dr. Ashish Mishra Dr. D C Shukla 2003 M.V.Sc.
47. Effect of certain aseptic measures during collection and freezing on freezability and fertility of buffalo bull semen Dr. A K Srivastava Dr. S Bag 2004 M.V.Sc.
48. Effect of heat stress on follicular dynamics of goats Dr. Vikash Chandra Dr. O K Hooda 2004 M.V.Sc.
49. Studies on the effect of oxygen tension on in vitro embryo production from buffalo oocytes Dr. Sukhvir Nain Dr. A C Majumdar 2004 M.V.Sc.
50. Effect of electrolyte supplementation in heat stressed male buffalo claves Dr. Krishnan G Dr. D C Shukla 2005 M.V.Sc.
51. Detection of totipotent stem cells derived from IVF embryos and their comparison with pluripotent stem cells in buffalo with markers Dr. P V Mehere Dr. S Bag 2005 M.V.Sc.
52. Effect of heat stress on certain major elements concentration in muzzle secretion in buffalos Dr. Ilambarithi K Dr. O K Hooda 2006 M.V.Sc.
53. Studies on the effect of yeast supplementation on amelioration of thermal stress in buffaloes Dr. S P Singh Dr. O K Hooda 2006 M.V.Sc.
54. Studies on the effect of higher and lower body temperature along with different CO2 and O2 level on in vitro oocyte maturation and embryo development in goats Dr. R K Singh Dr. S Bag 2006 M.V.Sc.
55. Studies on induction of HSP 70 in heat stressed buffaloes Dr. L Steephen Dr. G Singh 2006 M.V.Sc.
56. Molecular characterization of FSH receptor gene in buffalo Dr. A Minj Dr. V P Varshney 2006 M.V.Sc.
57. Isolation of totipotent stem cells from IVF derived goat embryos and their culture to develop cell line Dr. Anees C Dr. A C Majumdar 2007 M.V.Sc.
58. Molecular characterization of HSP 70 gene in buffalo Dr. Madhusoodanan C S Dr. O K Hooda 2007 M.V.Sc.
59. Cloning and sequencing of FSH receptor gene from buffalo preantral follicles Dr. Ajay Kuruvila Dr. G Singh 2007 M.V.Sc.
60. Leukemia inhibitory factors expression during a peri-implantation phase in buffalo uterus Dr. V K Singh Dr. V P Varshney 2008 M.V.Sc.
61. Studies on the effect of exogenous melatonin and pineal proteins on the metabolic activity of goat Dr. S Babu Singh Dr. R S Srivastava 2008 M.V.Sc.
62. Non-invasive monitoring of buffalo estrous cycle Dr. A Joy T K Dr. G Singh 2008 M.V.Sc.
63. Effect of supplementation of a stabilized form of ascorbic acid in amelioration of heat stress in buffaloes Dr. Jawahar A Dr. G Singh 2008 M.V.Sc.
64. Molecular characterization of HSP 70-1 gene in goat Dr. Nitin Eknath Gade Dr. R K Mahapatra 2009 M.V.Sc.
65. Comparative studies on parthenogenetically activated and IVF derived goat embryos Dr. P Rajaram S Dr. S Bag 2009 M.V.Sc.
66. Studies on development of parthenogentic embryos of different ploidy in buffalo Dr. Sathisha K B Dr. B C Das 2009 M.V.Sc.
67. Development of parthenogentic stem cells of buffalo and their characterization with pluripotent markers Dr. Venkatesha V Dr. B C Das 2009 M.V.Sc.
68. Effect of mitotic Inducers on development of Parthenogenesis Embryonic cells in buffalo Dr. V.K. Chaudhry Dr. B.C. Das 2010 M.V.Sc.
69. In vitro assessment of developmental competency of buffalo embryonic stem cells through pluripotency assay. Dr. Om Prakash Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2010 M.V.Sc.
70. Expression of Leptin and its receptor in corpus luteum during estrus cycle in buffalo (Babalus bulalis) Dr. Lalit Kumar Dr. R.K. Mahapatra 2010 M.V.Sc.
71. Cryopreservation of IVF derived Goat Embryos by a modified method using Ethylene Glycerol or glycerol and trehalose. Dr. Anupum Dutta Dr. A.C. Majumdar 2010 M.V.Sc.
72. Effect of mitotic inducers and retinoic Acid Blocker on Multiplication of in vitro Produced embryonic cells in buffalo. Dr. Ashok Kumar Dr. S. Bag 2010 M.V.Sc.
73. Expression profile of SHP Genes during different seasons in goats (Capra hircus) Dr.S.S. Dangi Dr. M. Sarkar 2011 M.V.Sc.
74. Expression profile of genes associated with thermal stress in goat (Capra hircus) Dr. Divankar Maurya Dr. R.K. Mahapatra 2011 M.V.Sc.
75. Expression profile of genes associated with cold stress in goat (Capra hircus) Dr. Mahesh Gupta Dr. R.K. Mahapatra 2011 M.V.Sc.
76. Studies on Isolation, culture, characterizations of goat fetal stem cells and its application of cardiac regeneration in rabbit. Dr. Parul Bharwaj Dr. S. Bag 2011 M.V.Sc.
77. Effect of Different dietary Energy levels on Physio- biochemical changes and expression profile of Leptin in goats(Capra hircus) Dr. Iqabal Hyder Dr. M. Sarkar 2012 M.V.Sc.
78. Expression of IGF family members in corpus luteum during different stage of estrous cycle in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Dr. Sarveshwar Uniyal Dr. M.Sarkar 2012 M.V.Sc.
79. Effect of Melatonin Administration on Physio-Biochemical Parameters and expression profile of Heat stress Associated Genes in goat(Capra hircus) Dr. Puneet Kumar Dr. Ramesh K. 2012 M.V.Sc.
80. In vitro culture of caprine Putative neural stem cells using Egg Extract. Dr. Nilesh S. Bari Dr. B .C. Das 2012 M.V.Sc.
81. Isolation, culture and characterization of caprine Putative neural steam cells. Dr. Naresh Kumar Dr. B.C. Das 2012 M.V.Sc.
82. Studies on the effect of antiapoptototic factors on the cryopreservation of buffaloes stem cells. Dr. Srikumar T.R. Dr.Vikash Chandra 2013 M.V.Sc.
83. Temporal expression profile pregnancy associated glycoproteins during different stages gestation in goat (Capra hircus). Dr. Ujjawala Tandia Dr.V.P. Maurya 2013 M.V.Sci.
84. Therapeutic potential of canine bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells diabetic rat wound healing. Dr. Matin Ansari Dr.Vikash Chandra 2013 M.V.Sc.
85. Identification of osteopontin and clusterin in buffalo semen and their relation to semen quality. Dr.Manisha Kumari Dr.G.Taru Sharma 2013 M.V.Sc.
86. Effect of dietary energy level on physiochemical changes sexual behavior and semen quality native buck (Capra hircus). Dr.Hari Abdul Samad Dr.V.P. Maurya 2013 M.V.Sci.
87. Physio-biochemical responses and seminal quality attributes of native buck (Capra hircus) exposed to thermal stress Dr.Manav Singh Dr.V.P. Maurya 2013 M.V.Sci.
88. Expression and localization of locally produced growth factors regulating lymphangiogenesis during different stages of estrous cycle in corpus luteum of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Dr. Ibne Ali Dr. M.Sarkar 2013 M.V.Sc.
89. Expression profile of oocytes competence markers in cumulus cells and to address quality buffalo blastocyst production in vitro Dr. Rahul Bhardwaj Dr. Vikash Chandra 2014 M.V.Sc.
90. Assessment of physio-biochemical responses and expression profile of TLR and HSP genes during heat stress in calves. Dr. Dilip Kumar Mahato Dr. Puneet Kumar 2014 M.V.Sc.
91. Expression and localization of IGF system during ovarian follicular development and modulatory role of IGF-I on granulose cell steroid production in water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Dr. Jai Singh Dr. Mihir Sarkar 2014 M.V.Sc.
92. Expression profile of TLR genes in black Bengal goat during different seasons. Dr. Avishek Paul Dr. B. C. Das 2014 M.V.Sc.
93. Impact of roscovitine on oocyte developmental competence in buffalo Dr. Sriti Pandey Dr. Vikash Chandra 2015 M.V.Sc.
94. Modulatory role of leptin on ovarian functions in water buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis) Dr. R. Reshma Dr. V. P. Maurya 2015 M.V.Sc.
95. Influence of buffalo oocyte secreted factors to modulate oocyte developmental competence Dr. Swati Gupta Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2015 M.V.Sc.
96. Effect of dietary energy restriction on physiobiochemical changes, milk production performance,estrous behavior and expression profile of leptin in crossbred cows Dr. Mukesh Kumar Bharti Dr. V. P. Maurya 2015 M.V.Sc.
97. Expression dynamics of major heat stress induced genes and possible crosstalk between them in Tharparkar cattle Dr. Jaya Dr. Puneet Kumar 2015 M.V.Sc.
98. Study on expression pattern of germ cell gene markers following gonadotropin supplementation in in vitro matured goat Dr. Jagriti Krishan Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2015 M.V.Sc.
99. Proliferation and cytotoxicity analysis of canine mesenchymal stem cells cultured on functional carbon nanotube. Dr. Madhusoodan A.P. Dr. Sadhan Bag 2016 M.V.Sc.
100. Influence of leptin on in vitro buffalo embryo development and gene expression pattern. Dr. Bibhudutta S.K. Panda Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2016 M.V.Sc.
101. Expression kinetics of heat induced genes and possible cross-talk between them in black Bengal goat. Dr. Tanmoy Mondal Dr. B. C. Das 2016 M.V.Sc.s
102. Molecular cloning and expression of interferon stimulated genes (ISGs) in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Dr. Nipuna Thakur Dr. Mihir Sarkar 2016 M.V.Sc.
103. Effect of chromium supplementation on physiological, biochemical responses and expression of HSPs and TLRs in buffalo. Dr. Vidyalakshmi G.M. Dr. G. Singh 2016 M.V.Sc.
104. Effect of caffeine as an additive in semen extender to improve frozen thawed semen quality of Marwari horses and exotic donkeys. Dr. Saurabh Kant Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2016 M.V.Sc.

List of Ph.D. Thesis

S.No. Title of thesis Author’s name Guide Year Degree
1. Water metabolism in Hariana cattle and their foreign crosses under different controlled environments. Dr. S K Saxena Dr. B C Joshi 1976 Ph.D.
2. Studies on the effect of biostimulator feeding on growth and metabolism of goat Dr. D C Shukla Dr. B B Mahapatro 1979 Ph.D.
3. Studies on the pre-ovululatory and atretic follicles of buffalo ovary Dr. K S Khera Dr. P C Sanwal 1989 Ph.D.
4. Studies in the gonadotropic hormones isolated from the pituitaries buffaloes Dr. (Mrs.) G. Taru Sharma Dr. J K Pandey 1989 Ph.D.
5. Studies on the physiological environment and fermentation pattern in the rumen on incorporation of ground nut hulls in the ration of cattle and buffaloes Dr. Seema Sharma Dr. B B Mahapatro 1990 Ph.D.
6. Effect of long term infusion of different volatile fatty acids into the rumen of calves on feed intake and digestibility, rumen fermentation and growth rate Dr. Rita Sharma Dr. B B Mahapatro 1990 Ph.D.
7. Role of sex steroids in spermatogenesis and sperm maturation in buffaloes exposed to controlled heat stress Dr. P K Majumdar Dr. B C Joshi 1990 Ph.D.
8. Studies on hormonal milieu in superovulated cross breed cows. Dr. Rajeev Chandra Dr. V K Goel 1990 Ph.D
9. Studies on embryo manipulation in goats Dr. D K Nandi Dr. N K Bhattacharyya 1991 Ph.D.
10. Morphometry of ovarian follicles and dynamics of follicular hormones in buffalo Dr. Sanju Jalla Dr. P C Sanwal 1991 Ph.D.
11. Effect of induced hypothyroidism on reproduction of male and female goats. Dr. I Janaradhan Reddy Dr. V P Varshney 1993 Ph.D.
12. Comparative efficacy of some hormonal preparation facilitating embryo transfer in goat. Dr. B B Reddy Dr. J K Pandy 1993 Ph.D.
13. Effect of feeding ammoniated bagasee to cattle and buffalos on rumen microflora, nature of fermentation and utilization of metabolites. Dr. Archna Malaviya Dr. B B Mahapatro 1993 Ph.D.
14. Studies on the secretory proteins of in vitro matured and in vitro fertilized buffalo embryos Dr. G M Kalleshwarappa Dr. A C Majumdar 2002 Ph.D.
15. Studies on the efficacy of foetal skin fibroblast as donor cell for embryo cloning in buffalo Dr. S Saha Dr. A C Majumdar 2003 Ph.D.
16. Studies on leptin body fat relationship in goats. Dr. S N Gade Dr. D C Shukla 2003 Ph.D.
17. Studies on immune status of goats during pregnancy and heat stress Dr. Shrikant Dr. V P Varshney 2003 Ph.D.
18. Cloning, sequencing and expression of bubaline leptin gene Dr. S Rajendran Dr. D C Shukla 2004 Ph.D.
19. Developmental competence of buffalo oocytes vitrified at different stages of maturation in vitro Dr. K Loganathaswamy Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2004 Ph.D.
20. Studies on adaptive responses of acid base rumen and endocrine metabolism to heat stress in buffalo calves Dr. J P Korde Dr. D C Shukla 2004 Ph.D.
21. Studies on expression of HSP70 and GLUTI during in vitro production of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis ) embryos Dr. Rajiv Rajhans Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2004 Ph.D.
22. Studies on in vitro generated preimplementation embryo specific secretory proteins and their use in early pregnancy detection in buffalo Dr. Ashish Saha Dr. A C Majumdar 2004 Ph.D.
23. Effect of antioxidants on follicular dynamics and acid base status in goats during heat stress Dr. A V N Shivakumar Dr. V P Varshney 2005 Ph.D.
24. Molecular characterization of prostaglandin synthase gene in buffalo. Dr. S Mondal D. V P Varshney 2006 Ph.D.
25. Studies on Bubaline Pineal proteins/Peptides below 20KDa and their immunopotentiation in guinea pigs Dr. Ramasamy M Dr. R S Srivastava 2006 Ph.D.
26. Studies on pineal adrenal relationship in goats (Capra hircus) under thermal stress Dr. V Sejian Dr. R S Srivastava 2006 Ph.D.
27. Expression of connexin 43 and poly A polymerase in buffalo embryos produced in vitro. Dr. Ashish Mishra Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2006 Ph.D.
28. Studies on the cultured blastomere cells as nuclear donor in embryo cloning of goats. Dr. A K Swain Dr. A C Majumdar 2006 Ph.D.
29. Impact of FSH on the profile of steroid hormones and synthesis of DNA in buffalo preantral follicles cultured in vitro Dr. G Tamilmani Dr. V P Varshney 2007 Ph.D.
30. Studies on the influence of growth factors and expression of IGF-I and IGF-II in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) embryos produced in vitro Dr. Vikash Chandra Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2007 Ph.D.
31. Studies on buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) pineal proteins on fluoride induced oxidative stress and apoptosis in rats. Dr. V K Bharti Dr. R S Srivastava 2008 Ph.D.
32. Expressions of developmentally important genes involved in energy metabolism in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) oocytes and preimplantation embryos produced in vitro Dr. K Rajarajan Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2008 Ph.D.
33. Expression of lif and OCT-4 gene in buffalo (Bubalus babalis) embryos produced using intrafollicular and extrafollicular oocytes cultured in vitro Dr. Eswari S Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2008 Ph.D.
34. Comparative study of totipotent stem cells derived from in vivo and in vitro produced goat embryos. Dr. N C Nath Dr. A C Majumdar 2010 Ph.D.
35. Effect of Feeder layers with growth factors for the development of embryonic stem cells derived from in vitro produced buffalo embryos. Dr. Manjinder Sharma Dr.G. Taru Sharma 2010 Ph.D.
36. Development of embryo like structures from stem cells and their characterization in goat. Dr. Anees C. Dr.A.C. Majumdar 2010 Ph.D.
37. Development of embryonic stem cells from early stage buffalo embryos and their molecular characterization. Dr. Gopal Puri Dr. S. Bag 2011 Ph.D.
38. Derivation of embryo like structures from Totipotent stem cells of buffalo and their in vitro development in goat oviduct. Dr.T.C Balamurugan Dr. A.C. Majumdar 2011 Ph.D.
39. Physio-biochemical responses and methane emission during thermal stress in cattle. Dr. Brijesh Yadav Dr. G Singh 2012 Ph.D.
40. In vitro culture and characterization of buffalo Mesenchymal and embryonic stem cells for therapeutic application Dr. Nitin E. Gade Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2012 Ph.D.
41. Studies on Isolation culture and characterization of mesenchymal stem cell in caprine Dr. Rakesh K Singh Dr. S. Bag 2012 Ph.D.
42. Physio-biochemical responses and gas emission during thermal stress in buffaloes. Dr. Alok K. Wanker Dr. G.Singh 2012 Ph.D.
43. Comparative analysis of caprine embryonic and Mesenchymal stem cells for therapeutic potential. Dr. Pratheesh M.D. Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2012 Ph.D
44. Studies on Reprogramming of fibroblast cells using polycistronic lentiviral vector and Oocyte Extract in buffalo. Dr. Ravi Ranjan Dr. B. C. Das 2013 Ph.D. 2013 Ph.D.
45. Studies on developmental potency of caprine parthenogenetic embryos. Dr.Manish Kumar Dr.S.Bag 2013 Ph.D.
46. In vitro and in vivo transdifferentiation ability of caprine Mesenchymal stem cell into neurons. Dr.Manish Kumar Dr.S.Bag 2013 Ph.D.
47. Expression localization and local production of vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptors in the ovarian follicle during different stages of growth and maturation in buffalo (Babalus bubalis). Dr.Babitha V. Dr.G. Taru Sharma 2013 Ph.D.
48. Expression, localization and local production of vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptors in the corpus luteum during estrous cycle in water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) Dr. Vikrant Singh Chouhan Dr. G. Singh 2013 Ph.D.
49. Comparative efficacy of antioxidants and chemical chaperone on expression profile of HSPs during heat stress in goats (Capra hircus) Dr. Satyaveer Singh Danghi Dr. Puneet Kumar 2014 Ph.D.
50. Expression and localization of ghrelin and its receptor in ovarian follicles and corpus luteum during different stages of estrous cycle and the modulatory effects of ghrelin on steroid production in the ovary of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Dr. Mahesh Gupta Dr. G. Singh 2014 Ph.D.
51. Effect of Valproic Acid on Reprogramming of Fibroblast Cells into Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (IPSC) Like Cells in Buffalo Dr. P. S. Mahapatra Dr. S. Bag 2014 Ph.D.
52. Secretome analysis of fetal fibroblasts and fetal stem cells used for buffalo embryonic stem cell propagation Dr. Mehtab Singh Parmar Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2015 Ph.D.
53. In Vitro Nanobased Targeted differentiation of canine MSCs into neurons Dr. Bhabesh Mili Dr. S. Bag 2015 Ph.D.
54. Expression, localization and functional role of fibroblast growth factor and angiopoietin family in ovarian structures during different stages of estrous cycle in water buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis) Dr. Smruti Ranjan Mishra Dr. G. Singh 2015 Ph.D.
55. Ex vivo cellular behavior and differentiation of canine mesenchymal stem cells on carbon nanotube scaffolds. Dr. Kinsuk Das Dr. S. Bag 2016 Ph.D.
56. Transcriptional abundance vis-à-vis modulatory role of morphogenetic protein in ovary during cyclicity in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Dr. Rajesh G. Dr. Mihir Sarkar 2016 Ph.D.
57. Molecular characterization and comparative immunomodulatory analysis of caprine stem cells derived from fetal adnexa. Dr. Anjali Somal Dr. G. Taru Sharma 2016 Ph.D.
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