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» Division of Animal Genetics

Research Projects

Institute Project


Development of inbred strain of mouse using Swiss-albino out bred strain as foundation stock

Project Investigator: Dr. Pushpendra Kumar


Development of transgenic goat expressing interferon tau in urine using testis-mediated gene transfer (TMGT) technology

Project Investigator: Dr. Arvind Sonawane


Estimation of autozygosity in cattle and buffaloes by conventional and modern methods and their comparison

Project Investigator: Dr. Subodh Kumar


Genetic evaluation of economic traits of economic importance using pedigree information in SNPs marker in Murrah buffalo and crossbred cattle

Project Investigator: Dr. Amit Kumar


Prediction of breed composition and genetic diversity of Vrindavani crossbred cattle.

Project Investigator: Dr. Manjit Panigrahi

Out Funded Project


Enhancing livelihood security of farming community through livestock and crop integration using proven technologies

Project Investigator: Dr. Ran Vir Singh
Funding Agency: ICAR (Farmer First Programme)


Development of RNA-guided recombinase (RGR) platform for targeted DNA integration

Project Investigator: Dr. Arvind Sonawane
Funding Agency: DBT
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