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» Division of Animal Genetics

Infrastructure and facilities

  • Central instrumentation facility (C.I.F)
  • Major equipments: Normal, Gradient and Real Time PCRs, U-V spectrophotometer and Precision nanodrop spectrophotometer, Laminar air flow, CO2 incubator, -800C and -200C deep freezer, 40C freezers, BOD incubators, hybridization oven, horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis, ice flaking machine, fluorescent microscope, autoclaves, refrigerated and normal centrifuges.
  • Well equipped genetics laboratories under charge of scientists of division with facilities for:
    • Cytogenetics characterization
    • Molecular genetics characterization
    • Genetic Polymorphism mining
    • Gene expression
    • Gene therapy
  • Laboratory Animal Production facility to produce and supply of laboratory animals (Rat, Mice, Guinea Pig and Rabbits) for internal as well as outside supply.
  • Availability of high fecundity earthworm species for production of vermi-biomanure
  • Divisional library with a collection of students, thesis and reading material on the animal genetics and breeding.
  • Capacity students’ classroom for teaching of post graduate students.
  • Well furnished Seminar room air-conditioned with projector for seminars, symposia etc.
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