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» Division of Surgery

Major Activities

A. Research

Priority Areas

  • Development, modification and simplification of surgical techniques for clinical surgery.
  • Development of balanced, safe and multimodal techniques of anaesthesia, pain management and critical care.
  • Development, standardization and refinement of advanced diagnostic imaging and interventional radiological techniques for management of surgical conditions.
  • Application of stem cells and other cellular and molecular approaches for tissue regeneration and healing.
  • Development of implants, biomaterials and scaffolds for repair and reconstruction of different tissues and organs.
  • Standardization of acupuncture and other methods of physiotherapy for early rehabilitation of veterinary surgical patients.

Research Projects Completed

  1. Experimental trials on synthetic and osseous materials on bone healing (PI: Dr GR Singh).
  2. An experimental study on gastrointestinal bypass in mono and polygastric animals (PI: Dr AK Bhargava).
  3. Experimental studies on neem oil for management of hyperglycaemia in man and experimental dogs (Dr AK Bhargava).
  4. Special radiological procedure: Application in the evaluation of experimental and clinical trials (PI: Dr AK Bhargava).
  5. A study on the effect of the partial castration on growth, weight and meat quality in goats (PI: Dr AK Bhargava).
  6. Studies on uterine healing (PI: Dr IV Mogha).
  7. Studies on urinary diversion in ruminants (PI: Dr IV Mogha).
  8. A comparative study on the osteoinductive healing process and antigenicity of different types of bone grafts (PI: GR Singh).
  9. Experimental and clinical studies for vascular shunts in the treatment of haemodynamic disorders (PI: Dr AK Bhargava).
  10. Studies on repair and reconstruction of peripheral nerves (PI: Dr IV Mogha).
  11. Studies on tendon repair with special reference to different graft materials for tendon reconstruction (PI: Dr OP Gupta).
  12. Evaluation of different anaesthetics, pre-anaesthetics and their combinations in animals with hepatic insufficiencies (PI: Dr K Pratap).
  13. Development of fixation devices and techniques for the management of long bone fractures in animals (1997-2001; PI: Dr GR Singh).
  14. Development of biomaterials for the reconstruction of tendon and ligament in animals (PI: Dr AK Sharma).
  15. Evaluation of alpha-2 agonist and opioids for spinal anaesthesia and pain management in ruminants (PI: Dr K Pratap).
  16. ICAR-Ad hoc project: Development of external skeletal fixation device for management of long bone fractures in large animals (2000-2003; PI: Dr GR Singh).
  17. Studies on diagnostic ultrasound in animals (2000-2003; PI: Dr M Hoque).
  18. Biomaterials for the reconstruction of abdominal wall defects in animals (PI: Dr A.K. Sharma).
  19. Use of therapeutic ultrasound and acupuncture in musculoskeletal and neurological disorders in different species of animals (2003-2006; PI: Dr AM Pawde).
  20. Application of laparoscopy in clinical diagnosis and therapeutics in veterinary patients (2003-2006; PI: Dr Naveen Kumar).
  21. Diagnosis and treatment of different surgical conditions of udder and teat in farm animals (2003-2006; PI: Dr M Hoque).
  22. Management of fractures and skeletal growth abnormalities in growing dogs (2002-2006; PI: Dr HP Aithal).
  23. ICAR Ad-hoc project: Studies on Laparoscope guided biopsy in animals (PI: Dr GR Singh/Dr SK Maiti).
  24. Studies on prevalence, etiology and management of urolithiasis in animals (2001-2007; PI: Dr Amarpal).
  25. Studies on incidence, diagnosis and treatment of ocular affections in domestic animals (2005-2009; PI: Dr P Kinjavdekar).
  26. Studies on alternate cost effective contrast agents for imaging gastrointestinal and urinary tract in small animals (2006-2009; PI: Dr M Hoque).
  27. Diagnostic and therapeutic management of tumours in dogs (2006-2009; PI: Dr SK Maiti).
  28. Clinical studies on the diagnosis and management of spinal disorders in small animals (2006-2009; PI: Dr AM Pawde).
  29. Studies on the development of external fixation devices and anti-infective protocols for the management of compound fractures in domestic animals (2006-2009; PI: Dr HP Aithal).
  30. DBT funded project: Development of biomaterials for reconstructive surgery in animals (2006-2009; PI: Dr Naveen Kumar).
  31. DBT funded project: Development of 3-D biodegradable dermal matrices for reconstructive surgery (2009-2012: Dr Naveen Kumar).
  32. Evaluation of bone marrow cells for tissue repair (2007-2010; PI: Dr Amarpal).
  33. Development of physical therapy and rehabilitation protocol in veterinary patients (2009-2012; PI: Dr MMS Zama)
  34. Studies on cardiac structural and functional assessment in dogs with special reference to cardiac imaging (2009-2012; PI: Dr M Hoque)
  35. Studies on halothane and isoflurane inhalation anaesthesia in large ruminants (2009- 2012; PI: Dr P Kinjavdekar)
  36. Development of bioengineered collagen matrices for reconstructive surgery (2009- 2013; PI: Dr AK Sharma)
  37. A new therapeutic approach to canine mammary tumours (2009-2012; PI: Dr SK Maiti)
  38. Clinical evaluation of herbal and homeopathic agents for augmentation of wound healing in domestic animals (2009-2012; PI: Dr AM Pawde)
  39. Isolation, culture, characterization and evaluation of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells for the healing of skin and cartilage defects (2010-2013; PI: Dr Amarpal)
  40. DBT funded project: Mesenchymal stem cells construct on osteogenesis for repairing bone defects in animal model (2010-2013, Dr SK Maiti).
  41. Development and evaluation of interlocking nails and locking plates for internal fixation of fractures in large animals (2009-2014; PI: Dr HP Aithal)
  42. Studies on diagnosis and treatment of otorhinopharyngeal infection in dogs (2012-2014; PI: Dr AM Pawde)
  43. Doppler velocimetric studies of renal, hepatic and cardiovascular parameters in health and disease in dogs (2012-2014; PI: Dr M Hoque).

On-going Research Projects.

  1. All India Network Programme on “Diagnostic imaging and management of surgical conditions in animals” (ICAR: 2014-2017; PI: Dr Amarpal)
  2. Development of composite scaffolds for bone and tendon repair using tissue engineering techniques(DBT: 2012-2015; PI: Dr Rekha Pathak)
  3. Development of xenogenic biomaterial for surgical reconstruction of corneal defects in animals (2012-2015; PI: Dr K Singh)
  4. Development of safe anaesthetic protocols in horses using continuous rate infusion of dexmedetomidine, ketamine and lidocaine (2012-2015; PI: Dr A Gopinathan)
  5. Tissue engineered construct of mesenchymal stem cells seeded with different biomaterials for skin wound repair (2013-2016: PI: Dr SK Maiti)
  6. Evaluation of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells for peripheral nerve repair in rabbits (2013-2016; PI: Dr Amarpal)
  7. Doppler quantification of pressure gradient across cardiac chambers for diagnosis of cardiac diseases in dogs (2014-2016; Dr M Hoque)
  8. Radiographic and ultrasonographic imaging for diagnosis of cardio-renal syndrome in dogs. (Dr AC Saxena: July 2016 - June 2018)
  9. Tear based biomarkers for early detection of KeratoConjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) and prediction of corneal graft acceptance in KCS affected dogs (Dr Kiranjeet Singh: August 2016 to July 2019)

Service Project (Surgery)

  1. Treatment of surgical cases, preparation of animal models, collection of biopsies and radiological diagnosis

B. Teaching

  • MVSc: A total of 92 students have completed the degree up to 2014
  • PhD: A total of 43 students have obtained the degree up to 2014.

C. Training

Short term courses

Keeping in view the specialization in different areas of Veterinary Surgery, the following courses have been developed to provide practical training.

  1. Orthopaedic surgery and radiology (3 months' duration).
  2. Short course in Orthopaedic Surgery (4 weeks' duration).
  3. Short course in anaesthesia and pain management (4 weeks' duration).
  4. Short course in Veterinary Radiology (4 weeks' duration).
  5. Short course on laparoscopic surgery (2 weeks' duration).
  6. Capsule courses on ‘Diagnostic Imaging’, ‘Urogenital Tract Surgery’, ‘Anesthesia’, and ‘Fracture Manegement’ (5-6 days duration)

These courses are being organized regularly since the inception of the Division and these training programmes have benefited hundreds of field veterinar

Diploma courses

The Division is offering courses and special lectures to the participants of the following Diploma courses.

  • National Diploma in Equine Husbandry, Medicine and Surgery
  • National Diploma in Veterinary Preventive Medicine.
  • Diploma in Wild Life Husbandry and Health Management.

D. Extension Activities

  • Attending animal health camps organized by the Joint Directorate of Extension Education at different locations.
  • Participating in interface meets with veterinary officers of different states.
  • Participation in institute exhibitions at different places.

E. Referral Veterinary Polyclinic

Treatment of a variety of surgical cases in the institute polyclinics.

F. Other activities

  • Preparation of animal models for allied research.
  • Treatment of surgical cases in different sheds and farms of the Institute.
  • Giving consultancy services to various Government agencies.
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