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The division was created as Division of Experimental Medicine and Surgery in 1975 to undertake research pertaining to medicinal and surgical management of diseases of livestock and pet animals and to prepare animal models for research in allied subjects. A full-fledged Division of Surgery was established after bifurcation of Division of Experimental Medicine and Surgery in 1993. Veterinary Surgery is one of the dynamic and enterprising areas of veterinary science research and practice. The discipline contributes significantly to animal health especially through development of surgical interventional and diagnostic imaging techniques. This division has taken extensive research in a wide range of specialized areas like diagnostic imaging, orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery, surgery of special senses and anaesthesia. The cutting edge technologies like stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine, biomaterials and reconstructive surgery and biotechnological approaches are integrated with surgical interventions to give a new impetus to research in veterinary surgery for better health management in animals. The enigma of surgery has always attracted creative young minds as evident by the increased number of students opting for this subject in recent times.


The mission of the Surgery Division is to develop strong and need based curriculum, to impart modern and quality training, to provide excellent veterinary services to clients, and most importantly to conduct basic and clinical research in the upcoming areas of veterinary surgery for better health and welfare of animals.

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