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Research Projects

Institute Project


Flavivirus infections in pigs and bats with reference to Japanese encephalitis.

Project Investigator:


Development of a cell culture adapted vaccine and improvement of vaccination strategy for prevention and control of Duck Plague

Project Investigator: Dr. Satyabrata Dandapat


Tissue engineered construct of mesenchymal stem cell seeded with different biomaterials for skin wound repair.

Project Investigator:


Identification of true avian leukosis virus shedder chickens vis-à-vis efficacy of IP.TfAg

Project Investigator: Dr.(Ms.) Alka Tomar


Development of recombinant antigen based rapid diagnostic assay for canine parvo virus infection

Project Investigator: Dr. M. K. Singh

Out Funded Project


Exploration of Toll-like receptor agonist (s) as adjuvants and prophylactic agents in chicken [BT/PR15618/ADV/90/202/2016]

Project Investigator: Dr. R Saravanan
Funding Agency: DBT