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» Biological Product Division

Research Projects

Institute Project


Introduction of innovative selected diagnostics/ biological products for up scaling and pilot scale production

Project Investigator: Dr. R. P. SINGH


Sub-project: Development and standardization of spot diagnostic test for swine fever viral antigen in tissue samples

Project Investigator: Dr. V K CHATURVEDI


Development of field diagnostics for classical swine fever

Project Investigator:


Efficacy of phage lysate of Brucella abortus in experimental animal and target host

Project Investigator: Dr. BABLU KUMAR

Out Funded Project


Establishment of Agri-Business Incubation (ABI) Centres for National Agriculture Innovation Fund

Project Investigator: Dr. R. P. SINGH
Funding Agency: ICAR


Understanding the immune mechanism of host disease and development of marker vaccines and DIVA test for Peste des Petits ruminants

Project Investigator: Dr. R. P. SINGH
Funding Agency: DBT - BBSRC


Development of recombinant sheeppox vectored Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) vaccine for small ruminants

Project Investigator: Dr.(Mrs.) BINA MISHRA
Funding Agency: DBT
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