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» Biological Product Division

Major Achievements

  • Development of technology for large scale production of goat tissue Rinderpest vaccine and cell culture RP vaccine.
  • Production and supply of Ranikhet disease ‘F’, R2B & Fowl Pox vaccines.
  • Production of African Horse Sickness Vaccine which as enabled eradication of this disease of equines in India.
  • Development and Large scale production & standardization of Anthrax spore vaccine and Black Quarter vaccine.
  • Development and Production of fowl spirochaetosis vaccine.
  • Development of lapinised swine fever vaccine.
  • Development of technology and production of sheep pox vaccine.
  • Development and Production of curative antirabic BPL inactivated vaccine.
  • Development and Production of chick embryo origin (Flury) strain vaccine for prophylaxis of dogs against rabies.
  • Development and Production of canine distemper vaccine.
  • Replacement of conventional HS broth vaccine with oil adjuvant vaccine having better immunizing capacity for 2-3 years in cattle.
  • Development and Production of enterotoxaemia vaccine for sheep.
  • Development and Production of Abortus Bang Ring Antigen.
  • Development & Production of heat concentrated mammalian Tuberculin, Avian Tuberculin, Mallein IDP & Mallein subcutaneous antigens.
  • Development & Production of the attenuated sheep pox vaccine using SPV/RF (Roumanian Strain fanar) and its standardization.
  • Development and production PPDs of Tuberculin, Johnin & Mallein.
  • Development and production of Diagnostics for Brucellosis viz. ABR, RBPT, SAT antigens & Brucella Positive serum.
  • Development and production of antigens and sera for diagnosis of Salmonellosis in birds viz. Sal. Pullorum. Coloured antigen, Plain antigen, Sal.Positive sera & Sal. ‘O’ sera.
  • Development and standardization of production technology of inactivated Rabies Cell culture vaccine using PV-11 strain of rabies fixed virus grown in BHK 21 clone 13-cell line.
  • PPR vaccine developed at IVRI Mukteswar was scaled-up for large scale production and revenue generation.
  • The production technologies of these vaccines and antigens have been transferred to various Biological Production Centres of the State & SAARC countries through NDBP and other short term training course conducted in the division.
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