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Division of Bacteriology & Mycology

The division of Bacteriology & Mycology came into existence in 1975 after bifurcation from Division of Virology and Bacteriology, Mukteswar and shifted to the Izatnagar campus of IVRI. Due to the urgent need of research work to be carried out on all aspects of different bacterial and mycotic infections, the division was separated and now it is working on most of the important economic diseases of livestock & poultry with the basic objectives as:- To conduct basic and applied research on all aspects of health pertaining to bacterial and mycotic diseases of livestock. To develop and assimilate the latest modern technologies including biotechnological, know-how for the development of economical, reliable, quick and effective immunoprophylactics and immunodiagnostics for the control of animal diseases. To provide consultancy and advisory services in veterinary and animal husbandry matters including diagnostic services pertaining to bacterial and mycotic diseases. To organize post graduate education and specialized training programmes in the field of bacteriology and mycology. To maintain, preserve and supply of important bacterial and mycotic cultures, diagnostic antigens and antisera.