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Research Projects

Institute Project


Development of multiplex assay for detecting autoantibody signatures (Biomarkers) associated with canine mammary cancer

Project Investigator: Dr. SONAL

Out Funded Project


Development and evaluation of a genetically engineered vaccine against Newcastle disease and chicken infectious anaemia of chickens

Project Investigator: Dr. C MADHAN MOHAN
Funding Agency: DBT


Development and evaluation of DIVA-based vaccine utilizing an Indian isolate of Classical Swine Fever virus

Project Investigator: Dr. PRAVEEN K GUPTA
Funding Agency: DBT


Detection of peptide biomarks and development of synthetic anti-microbial peptide hydrogels for bovine mastitis

Project Investigator: Dr. SAMEER SHRIVASTAVA
Funding Agency: ICAR-NASF


Sub viral particle based Infectious bursal disease vaccine: a way forward towards translation from lab to land

Project Investigator: Dr.(Mrs.) SOHINI DEY
Funding Agency: DBT


Development of recombinant protein based penside diagnostic kit for avian reovirus infection

Project Investigator: Dr. DEEPAK KUMAR
Funding Agency: DBT


Centre for Agricultural Bioinformatics (CABin)

Project Investigator:
Funding Agency: ICAR
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