Advisory committee

Board of Management

Mandate / Term of Reference Board of Management

  1. To consider the proposals for Five year plan and Annual plan of the Institute, and submit the same to the ICAR.
  2. Periodical review of progress of development schemes of the institute.
  3. To consider proposals for the annual budget of the institute, and to allocate funds to various divisions/projects of the Institute.
  4. Policy issues relating to the affairs of the institute including the rights and obligations of the staff.
  5. To consider the items of expenditure which are beyond the powers of the Director of the Institute.
  6. To consider the action taken on the recommendations of the Grievance Cell and Institute Joint Council.
  7. To appoint such Committees as may be deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the institute.
  8. To conduct periodical reviews and assessment of the primary activities of the institute and to give directions in these behalf.
  9. Any other item as may be desired by the Director or other members of the Board of Management as may be required to be considered as per delegation of powers and directions of the Governing Body whether contained in any manual, orders issued, resolution passed or other instructions approved by the Governing Body.

Term of Reference

S. No. Rule No. & Provision there under Status
1. Rule No.2.01(i)Director, IVRI Chairman(By virtue of post)
2. Rule No.2.01(ii)Joint Director(Acad.) Member(By virtue of post)
3. Rule No.2.01(iii) Two members of Governing Body nominated by the President for 2 years Member
4. Rule No.2.01(iv)Jt. Directors/Head of Division of related groups of disciplines to be nominated by the President of the Society for a period of two years total numbers not to exceeded to eight. Member
5. Rule No.2.01(v)Joint Director(Research) Member(By virtue of post)
6. Rule No.2.01(vi)Joint Director (Ext. Edu.) Member(By virtue of post)
7. Rule No.2.01(vii) Vice Chancellor of Agril. Univ. Member
8. Rule No.2.01(viii)One Representative from ICAR Member
9. Rule No.2.01(ix)Director, IARI/NDRI Member
10. Rule No.2.01(x) Animal Husbandry Commissioner, Deptt. of Agril., Min. of Agril Member (By virtue of post)
11. Rule No.2.01(xi)One Eminent Scientists in the field of Research Member
12. Rule No.2.01(xii)One Eminent Educationist concerned with the Research Member
13. Rule No.2.01(xiii)Two non-official persons representing agriculture interest Member
14. Rule No.2.01(xiv)Financial Advisor, ICAR or his nominee (By virtue of post) Member(By virtue of post)
15. Rule No.2.01(xv) Commissioner, Rohilkhand Division (By virtue of post) Member(By virtue of post)
16. Rule No.2.01(xvi)Joint Director (Admn.) (By virtue of post) Member(By virtue of post)

Note :

  1. Divisions of the institute may be grouped into animal health, animal production, animal products technology and Social Sciences and nominations at Sl. No.(iv) will be made from the each group.
  2. The President may in the interest of efficient and smooth functioning of the institute alter the number of members of the Board.

Previous year recommendation / decision / proceeding of Board of Management Meeting

During this period (1.1.2020 to 31.12.2020) & (1.1.2021 to 31.12.2021), NO meeting of Board of Management was held on at I.V.R.I. Izatnagar.

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