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Students Welfare & Facilities available

Sports and Recreation

The institute encourages extra-curricular activities outside the class-room that enrich cultural, physical and social life of students. Spacious play grounds are provided in the students’ hostels and necessary facilities exist for outdoor games like cricket, hockey, volley ball, badminton and various other athletic events. There are facilities also for indoor games in each hostel. There is a Student Sports Fund to which every student subscribes a sum of Rs. 200/- at the beginning of each academic year. The amount so collected is used in improving the sports facilities for the students and promoting literary activities among them.

Medical Facilities

Qualified medical officers look after the health of the students. The Institute dispensary is located within the campus. The medical officers reside at the Institute campus and are available round the clock. Medical services are provided to students at the Institute’s dispensary.

Medical Insurance Scheme

Besides the above, Mediclaim Insurance facility is available to post-graduate students of this Institute on optional basis. The policy under this scheme covers reimbursement of hospitalization expenses only for illness/diseases contracted or injury sustained by the insured person. This scheme is not applicable for in-service students.

Students Welfare Fund

With a view to render financial aid to students in distress and to support any other student’s activities a Student Welfare Fund has been instituted. All students are required to contribute Rs. 250/- for the Fund at the beginning of each academic year.

Students' Council

All students admitted to this Institute will automatically become members of IVRI Students’ Council and are entitled to participate in the Council Election. However, in the case of students sponsored by various organizations, the sponsoring organizations should indicate in the application form itself whether they would have/would not have any objection to their nominees holding an office in the IVRI Students’ Council.

Student Hostel Mess

Every hosteller will have to take meals in the hostel on payment of usual charges as fixed by the Competent Authority.

Computer Centre

The Institute has a well developed Computer Centre with adequate facilities for students for statistical analysis of data, etc. generated out of thesis research work. A Course on Data Processing and Computer Application is offered to the P.G. students by the Centre. Internet, intranet and e-mail facilities are also available.

Library Facilities

The National Library of Veterinary Sciences at IVRI has a collection of more than 2,50,000 highly specialized reading material in the form of books, journals, monographs, theses, reference works published data, bulletins, reviews, advances, reports, reprints, micro-documents etc. The library is subscribing about 125 foreign journals and about 103 Indian journals each year. Facilities for information, access and retrieval from CD-ROM databases in the multi-user environment is provided using CD-Mirror Hybrid Server on nominal charges. Library has been using KOHA V.3.8 software for automation of library activities. All the PhD theses available in the library have been digitized in PDF form and are available for use in library premises. Library provides E-mail & Internet facilities to its users at 24 terminals during all working hours and days. Three reading sections of the library are air-conditioned. Digital Video Recording based Close Circuit TV system with 22 cameras is being used in the various sections of the library for electronic surveillance. Photocopy facility is also made available in the library at nominal charges.

Rules for Library Facilities for PG students:

  1. Five books are issued for 30 days and one journal for overnight to each student. If the issued publications are not returned within prescribed period a fine charged as per existing library rules.
  2. One soft copy (CD) of the books, if available, is issued to the student for overnight.
  3. If the books is torn out and misused while in custody of student/user, he/she shall be required to pay the penalty as decided by the competent authority.
  4. If one volume of multi-volume set is damaged or lost while in the custody of the borrower, he/she will be liable to replace whole volume or pay the cost of whole volume alongwith a penalty as may be imposed by competent authority.
  5. In case of loss of book, the borrower will be required either to replace the book with the latest available edition or pay the cost of book alongwith a penalty equal to the cost of book.
  6. Library provides the reference research facility through CD-ROM in computers and the printouts on the payment basis @ Re 1.00 per page. Photocopy facility is provided on nominal payment @ Re 0.50 per exposure. These rates are subject to change from time to time.

Communication Centre

The Communication Centre provides the necessary support to the scientific community of this Institute as a central facility for photography, art, reprography, printing, publication, information and media coverage.

Placement Cell

The Institute is annually producing, a sizeable number of well-trained competitive professionals with attractive employment opportunities in various sectors such as State and Central Govt., NGOs, Armed Services, Agricultural/Veterinary Universities, R&D jobs in Industry and Central Institutes, including Business and Media Management. The Placement Cell encourage linkages between leading organizations of livestock sector, other prospective employers and out-going post-graduate students to provide assistance in placement of this highly trained human resource.

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