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Short Term Training Courses for the session 2015-16

  1. Training Courses for Field Veterinarians, Lab Veterinarians, Livestock Extension Officers, Veterinary Pharmacists,Para-Veterinary Staff,Farmers,Farm Women & Rural Youth at ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar-243 122 (UP) for the Year 2015-16

  2. Training Details


    ICAR Short Course on New Extensionist Changing Paradigms in Agricultural Extension from 21-30 September, 2019.

    Date Of Start: Date Not Specified Durtation: 10 Days
    Training Co-ordinator: Dr. Mahesh Chander Sponsoring Agency: IVRI,Izatnagar
    Contact: Dr. Mahesh Chander
    Head Division of Extension Education
    Extension Education Division ICAR-IVRI,Izatnagar
    Download: Application Brochure
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