Centre for Wildlife

Major Achievements

  • The centre has been recognized as “The National Referral Centre on Wildlife Healthcare” by Central Zoo Authority, MoEF, Govt of India in 2006.
  • Standards, Guidelines and Protocols on Disease Diagnosis and Cure of Wild Animals in Indian Zoos were Developed
  • Diets for 50 different species of captive animals were standardized and recommended to implement at all zoos.
  • Indirect Competitive ELISA was developed for detection of diclofenac residue in animals /Vulture tissues
  • Meloxicam and tolfenamic acid were tested safe on Indian Vultures.
  • Successfully managed trypanosomosis in black buck at Nandanvan Zoo, Raipur, Chhatishgarh
  • Successful management of Idiopathic Megacolon in a Bengal Tiger (T-24) at Sajjangarh Biological Park, Udaipur
  • Successful management of babesiosis and canine distemper in Asiatic lions at Lion Safari, Etawah.
  • Incidence of Infectious Canine Hepatitis (ICH) in Wolf and Soth bear, Trichinella infestation in wild boar, tiger and leopard, Contagious ecthyma in Blackbuck, Sero-prevalence of Leptospirosis in carnivores and herbivores, canine distemper in tiger, lion, leopard, civet cat, hyaena and red panda were recorded.
  • Wild animal samples were screened for incidence of Covid-19.

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