Farm Machinery & Power Workshop

Major Achievements

Salient Achievements

Developed animal transport device for the easy transport of dead cattle.

The machine is attached to the tractor through three point linkage thus can be raised or lowered. The machine has got a unique floor having rotating rollers. This facilitates easy loading and unloading of dead animals with less man-power. The machine can also be used for the easy loading and transport of heavy goods.

Developed bullock operated dung cleaner for the cleaning of animal paddocks.

The dung cleaner is pulled by a pair of bullocks. The machine has a scraper blade which can be lowered or raised by a foot actuated lever. The machine can clean animal paddock area of about 3000 sq. metre in wet dung conditions and 3700 sq. metre/hr in dry dung conditions.

Developed electric lawn mower machine for the maintenance of grass lawns.

The mower is operated by a one hp single phase electric motor at 2850 rpm. The width of cut is 51 cm and it covers approximately 1 hectare area per day. The height of cut may be adjusted from 1 cm to 3 cm. It is a light weight machine with reduced vibrations during the operations.

Developed animal lifting device for recumbent cattle & buffalo for their treatment.

The injured animal is clamped at the pin bones and lifted up through suitable pulley & pulling system for their recovery and treatment.

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