Biochemistry Division


  • Laboratories under the Division/Section along with a list of sophisticated equipment available
  • Laboratory activities may also be depicted wherever possible
  • Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory (CD Lab)
  • Protein Research Laboratory (PRL lab)
  • Lipid Research laboratory (LR lab)
  • Carbohydrate Research laboratory (CRL lab)
  • Enzymology Laboratory (Enz lab)
  • Genetic Engineering of Eukaryotic laboratory (GE lab)
  • Immunochemistry Laboratory (ICL-Lab)
  • Post-Graduate laboratory (PG lab)
S.No. Equipments
1 Biosafety level-2 cabinets
2 Cell Harvester
3 Cold room facility
4 Culture room facilities – Laminar Flow, CO2 incubators, Inverted Microscope
5 Deep Freezers -70°C, -40°C & -20 °C
6 Electronic balances
7 Electrophoresis and Blotting Systems
8 Fluorescent Activated cell sorter (FACS)
9 Gel Documentation system
10 Ice making machine
11 Microfuges
12 PCR Work station
13 pH meters
14 Real time Thermocycler
15 Refrigerated High speed centrifuges
16 Shaker incubator
17 Sonicator
18 Spectrophotometer (UV-Visible, Nano drop)
19 Thermocyclers
20 Two Dimensional Gel electrophoresis system
21 Vacuum Concentrator/freeze dryer
22 ELISA Reader

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