Animal Reproduction Division

Research Projects

Institute Project

  • Assessment of certain factors for low success rate of artificial insemination in bovine under field condition
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. N Srivastava; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-19)
  • Development of a ‘portable thawing kit’ for improvement of conception rate in   bovine under field condition
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. N Srivastava; Start Date:Jan-18; END DATE: Dec-19)
  • To design and develop “Cervical Softening and Dilation Device” to relieve dystocia due to incomplete cervical dilation
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Brijesh Kumar; Start Date:Jan-18; END DATE: Dec-19)
  • Studies on nano-purification of buffalo semen for freezability improvement
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. N Srivastava; Start Date:Apr-18; END DATE: Mar-19)
  • Multiplication of Sahiwal cow through multiple ovulation and embryo transfer.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Brijesh Kumar; Start Date:May-18; END DATE: Apr-20)
  • To design and develop “Cyst ablation device” for management of cystic ovarian disease in bovines
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Brijesh Kumar; Start Date:Jul-18; END DATE: May-19)
  • Detection of Humanin-like mitochondria derived peptide and its effect of supplementation in semen freezability of buffalo spermatozoa
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Subrata Kumar Ghosh; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-20)

Externally Funded Project

  • Synthetic Endometrium: A novel model to study early embryonic development and uterine health in ruminants
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh; Start Date:Jan-17; END DATE: Dec-19)
  • Identification of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in cystic endometrial hyperplasia, pyometra and pyometra led systemic inflammatory response syndrome in dog (DBT-GADVASU Canine Research Centre and Networks)
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Manas Kumar Patra; Start Date:Mar-18; END DATE: Mar-21)
  • Development of early pregnancy diagnostic assay through discovery of biomarkers in cattle and buffalo
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh; Start Date:May-18; END DATE: May-21)

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