Animal Reproduction Division

Major Achievements

  • An indigenous method called “Tupol Technique” for freezing bull semen.
  • A new staining technique to stain different parts of spermatozoa.
  • A simple and rapid method known as Crenellation Pattern Technique (CPT) developed for semen evaluation in field conditions.
  • A chemical method for Acrosomal Cap Separation.
  • “IVRI Crystoscope” for right-time breeding in cows and buffaloes.
  • Modified protocol for buffalo semen freezing.
  • Pregnancy diagnosis at 21 days post-breeding in goats and buffaloes by ultrasonography.
  • Molecular characterization of buffalo COX-2 gene.
  • Purification of PDC-109 from bull seminal plasma.
  • Early breeding in cow-heifers and buffaloes through Biostimulation.
  • Improved freezability of cattle & buffalo semen by reducing oxidative stress through partial deoxygenation of extender, supplementation with cholesterol loaded cyclodextrine and nanopurification of semen.
  • Effective new remedies against important reproductive disorders viz. Anestrus (Hormonal: Insulin, Herbal: Currypatta, Ghrit Kumari, Ashok Bark, Methi seeds), Repeat breeding (Hormonal: Insulin), Endometritis (Neem oil, Colostral whey, PMN Cells, Autologous Plasma).

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