Animal Reproduction Division


  • Gynaecology Lab
  • Obstetrics Lab
  • Andrology Lab
  • Artiticial Insemination Lab
  • Semen Biology Lab
  • Immuno-reproduction Lab
  • Germ-Plasm Centre
  • Field A.I. Unit
  • V.G.O Polyclinic Unit

Special Instruments

S.No. Equipments
1 Integrated Semen Straw Filling-Sealing & Printing Machine
2 Gradient PCR system
3 Portable Ultrasound
4 Fluorescence Microscope
5 UV-spectrophotometer (3)
6 Laminar Air flow cabinet (5)
7 CO2 incubator
8 Stereo zoom Microscopes
9 Refrigerated Ultra centrifuge (3)
10 Programmable Freezer for semen freezing
11 Phase contrast microscope with stage warmer
12 Semen analyzer
13 Deep Freeze (-200C) (3)
14 Ultrapure water purification system
15 Sperm cell counter
16 Elisa Reader

Laboratory activities may also be depicted wherever possible

  • Diagnosis of endometritis, sub-clinical endometritis and pyometra in cattle, buffalo and Canine
  • Reproductive ultrasonography in large animal
  • Cryobiology of semen of cattle and buffalo.
  • Embryo transfer technology in cattle

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