Physiology & Climatology Division

Research Projects

Institute Project

  • Flagship stem cell project- Evaluation of mesenchymal stem cell with or without EGF and HGF for liver regeneration in rat model.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Swapan Kumar Maiti; Start Date:Sep-17; END DATE: Aug-19)
  • Unraveling the mechanism of embryo-uterine interaction for the improvement of in vitro embryo production in buffalo.
    (Principal Investigator:DR VIKASH CHANDRA; Start Date:May-18; END DATE: Apr-20)
  • Quality embryo production through OPU-IVF in Sahiwal cattle.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Vikrant Singh Chouhan; Start Date:Jul-18; END DATE: Jun-20)

Externally Funded Project

  • Niche Area of Excellence: Development of stem cell laden nanomaterial scaffold for nerve, bone and cartilage tissue regeneration in animal
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Sadhan Bag; Start Date:Jan-19; END DATE: Dec-21)
  • Identification of unique factors in indigenous livestock making them resilient to climate change in relation to diseases.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Gyanendra Singh; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Aug-26)
  • Non invasive pregnancy diagnosis in captive wild felids.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Gyanendra Singh; Start Date:Oct-19; END DATE: Oct-22)

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