Animal Genetics Division

Research Projects

Institute Project

  • Genetic evaluation of economic traits using pedigree information and SNP markers in murrah buffaloes and crossbred cattle
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Amit Kumar; Start Date:Jul-16; END DATE: Jul-19)
  • Development of Inbred Strain of Mice using Swiss-albino    out bred Strain as foundation stock.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Pushpendra Kumar; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-20)
  • Developing an ancestry informative SNP panel for Tharparkar breed of cattle.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. MANJIT PANIGRAHI; Start Date:May-18; END DATE: Apr-20)
  • Identification of informative SNPs in buffalo breeds through HTP genomic loci.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Ashwni Kumar Pandey; Start Date:Aug-18; END DATE: Jul-20)
  • Genetic evaluation of clinical mastitis in Vrindavani cattle.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. BHARAT  BHUSHAN; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Aug-21)
  • Sequence based typing of BoLA- class II genes and  production performance of cattle infected with FMDV under natural conditions.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. A. K.  Sharma; Start Date:Sep-19; END DATE: Aug-22)

Externally Funded Project

  • Enhancing livelihood security of farming community through livestock and crop integration using proven technologies
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Ran Vir Singh; Start Date:Oct-16; END DATE: Mar-20)
  • Development of RNA-guided recombinase (RGR) platform for targeted DNA integration
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Arvind Sonwane; Start Date:Jun-17; END DATE: Dec-20)

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