Animal Genetics Division

Major Achievements

  • Standardization of insemination techniques and introduction of A.I. for the first time under farm conditions at national level.
  • Induced lactation by hormone therapy in heifers and sterile cows.
  • Development of semen extender and frozen semen technology in buffalos for the first time in the Country.
  • Development of Angora strain of rabbit with an average fiber diameter of 9µm.
  • Development of high yielding crossbred cattle strains using Holstein Friesian, Brown Swiss and Jersey as exotic semen with Hariana cows.
  • Performance evaluation and genetic analysis of various economic traits of Indian livestock and poultry breeds.
  • Cytogenetic analysis, blood groups and biochemical polymorphic studies in different livestock breeds.
  • Molecular genetic studies for the exploration of DNA polymorphism of growth, production, reproduction, disease resistance and health related traits in various livestock and poultry breeds.
  • Genomic breed composition of an admixed population of Vrindavani cattle was established using large-scale SNP data

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