Animal Genetics Division


S. No. Name of Lab Name of Lab Holder
1. B.B.P Laboratory Dr. Bharat Bhushan, Principal Scientist & Head
2. Molecular Genetics Laboratory Dr. Pushpendra Kumar, Principal Scientist
3. Genetic Marker Laboratory & Central Instrumentation Facility Dr. Subodh Kumar, Principal Scientist
4. Dairy cattle Genetics Laboratory Dr. Ran Vir Singh, Senior Scientist
5. Computation of Genomics Laboratory Dr. Amit Kumar, Senior Scientist
6. Genome Analysis Laboratory Dr. Arvind Sonwane, Senior Scientist and Dr. Manjit Panigrahi, Scientist (Senior Scale)
7. Cytogenetics Laboratory Dr. Anuj Chauhan, Senior Scientist

Central Instrumentation Facility (C.I.F.)

This facility consisting of the following major equipments like Normal, Gradient and Real Time PCRs, UV spectrophotometer and Precision NanoDrop spectrophotometer, Millipore water purification system, Laminar air flow, CO2 incubator, -800C and -200C deep freezer, 40C freezers, BOD incubators, hybridization oven, horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis, ice flaking machine, fluorescent microscope, autoclaves, refrigerated and normal centrifuges.

Other Equipments/Instruments in the various Laboratory

  1. Analytical Balance
  2. Bio-analyzer
  3. BOD incubator
  4. Class II B2 bio-safety cabinet
  5. Electronic balance
  6. Electroporator
  7. Gel Doc System
  8. Gradient thermal cycler
  9. High-speed refrigerated centrifuge
  10. Micro volume spectrophotometer
  11. Shaker Incubator
  12. Shaker incubator NB205V
  13. Spectrophotometer
  14. Stereo zoom microscope
  15. Thermocycler
  16. Tissue homogenizer
  17. Ultra-low temperature (-86 'C) freezer
  18. UV cross linker CL-1000
  • Well-equipped genetics laboratories under charge of scientists of division with facilities for:
    1. Cytogenetics characterization
    2. Molecular genetics characterization
    3. Genetic Polymorphism mining
    4. Genetics of disease resistance
    5. Genomics
    6. Gene expression
    7. Gene therapy
  • Availability of high fecundity earthworm species for production of vermi-biomanure
  • Divisional library with a collection of student’s thesis and reading material on the animal genetics and breeding.
  • Smart classroom for teaching of post graduate students.
  • Well-furnished Seminar room with projector facility
Jai Gopal Vermiculture Technology
Laminar air flow/ Bio-safety Cabinet
Fluorescent Microscope
Agarose gel electrophoresis of Theileria genus
Electroporator set-up
Real time PCR machine

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