Virology Division

Major Achievements

  • Development of antiserum method of treatment for anthrax and rinderpest.
  • Invention of a live attenuated vaccine in the form of goat tissue virus for rinderpest.
  • Identification of Ranikhet Disease of poultry and development of a potent vaccine.
  • Recognition and development of diagnostics and vaccine against South African horse sickness leading to its eradication in mid-sixties from the country.
  • Adaptation of tissue culture rinderpest vaccine in lamb kidney culture, which paved the way for rinderpest eradication campaign in the country.
  • Development of a monoclonal antibody based ELISA kit for sero surveillance of rinderpest.
  • Live attenuated Vero cell based PPR vaccine
  • Live attenuated combined PPR and goatpox/sheeppox vaccines
  • Live attenuated goatpox, sheeppox, buffalopox, camelpox and orf vaccines.
  • MAb based PPR competitive ELISA (c-ELISA) and sandwich ELISA (s-ELISA) kits
  • Novel PPRV viral vector has been developed and evaluated to carry foreign genes. The viral vector would be useful for the development of dual vaccines.
  • The marker vaccine for PPRV has been developed through reverse genetics. The epitope modified viruses have been rescued successfully.
  • Combination vaccines of PPRV and goatpox /Sheeppox.
  • Sandwich ELISA kit for detection of bluetongue virus antigen.
  • Baculovirus expressed recombinant VP7 based indirect ELISA for bluetongue.
  • IgY based competitive ELISA for bluetongue.

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