Parasitology Division

Research Projects

Institute Project

  • Recombinant protein and nucleic acid based diagnostic platform for canine haemoparasitic infections.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Rajat Garg; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-20)
  • Expression of recombinant proteins of ¬†Trichinella sp. for evaluation of serodiagnostic potential
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Hira Ram; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-19)
  • Assessment of protective potential of a radiation attenuated Trypanosoma evansi immunogen against heterologous chanllenge in cattle.
    (Principal Investigator:DR. ANUP KUMAR TEWARI; Start Date:Sep-19; END DATE: Aug-20)

Externally Funded Project

  • AINP on gastro-intestinal parasitism
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Rajat Garg; Start Date:Apr-01; END DATE: Mar-20)
  • Chemical, structural and functional characterization of identified anti-tick lead phytochemicals and optimization of delivery matrix for effective application of natural formulation for the control of acaricide resistant ticks
    (Principal Investigator:Dr S. Ghosh; Start Date:Jan-17; END DATE: Jan-20)
  • Studies on role of endophytes in variation of acaricidal properties of two acaricide producing plant species from north eastern states
    (Principal Investigator:Dr S. Ghosh; Start Date:Jan-17; END DATE: Jan-20)
  • Detection of acaricides resistance in cattle ticks population of Haryana State and Development of strategies to improve surveillance and their control
    (Principal Investigator:Dr S. Ghosh; Start Date:May-17; END DATE: May-19)

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