Medicine Division

Research Projects

Institute Project

  • Implementing health screening and improving health care for geriatric cattle and dogs.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr UmeshDimri; Start Date:Sep-19; END DATE: Aug-21)
  • Refining of diagnostic and therapeutic protocol for secondary gastritis in canines.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. S. K. Dixit; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-21)
  • Integrative therapy against aplastic pancytopenia and hepatobiliary dysfunction associated with canine hemoprotozoan diseases.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. D B Mondal; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-21)
  • Improvement of therapeutic response against canine parvovirus infection using immunoglobulin and antioxidants.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Ujjwal Kumar De; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Jul-19)
  • Development of topical herbal ethosomal preparation of Lemon Grass oil and Garlic oil and evaluation of its antidermatophytic potential.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Akhilesh Kumar; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-21)

Externally Funded Project

  • Outreach Programme on Ethno-veterinary Medicine
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Sahadeb Dey   ; Start Date:Apr-09; END DATE: Mar-20)
  • Therapeutic intervention for treatment of disease conditions (Mastitis, Diarrhoea caused by AMR under  CAAST- ACLH (World Bank-ICAR funded)
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Reena Mukherjee; Start Date:Apr-18; END DATE: Mar-21)

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