Medicine Division

Major Achievements

A. Patent developed and commercialized

1 Skin Drug Technology 1995
2 Area specific mineral mixture 2005

B. Patent applied

1 An herbal product for fluorosis in animals Application no (123/DEL/2014)
2 A process of preparing a bioorgano-mineral formulation for the therapy of skin ailments in animal Application no (2722/DEL/2007)
  • Invention of Skin Drug Formulation – 1992
  • Skin Drug Formulation Patented and sold for Commercialization to Innovetys Pharmaceuticals – 1995
  • Patenting and commercialization of Area specific Mineral mixture-2005
  • Safety testing of Meloxicam on Gyps vultures and other scavenging birds
  • Mapping of lead, cadmium, arsenic and fluoride pollution pockets in different industrial and urban areas
  • Amelioration of heavy metal toxicity with use of eco-friendly safer drugs including those from herbal system of medicine
  • Mitigation of oxidatitive stress mediated pathogenesis during disease condition in animals
  • Augmenting productivity of dairy animals using area specific mineral mixture

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