Biological Product Division

Major Activities

  1. Research Activities
  2. Teaching activities
  3. Training Activities
  4. Service Activities
  1. Research Activities
    • Viral Diseases
      • Classical Swine Fever virus (CSFV)
      • Sheeppox virus (SPPV)
      • Peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV)
      • Canine distemper virus (CDV)
      • Rabies virus
    • Bacterial Disease
      • Brucella abortus
      • Salmonella sps
      • Pasteurella sps
      • Mycobacterium sps
      • Purified protein derivatives (Johnin and Tuberculin)
  2. Teaching activities
    • Teaching & guidance of Undergraduate (BVSc&AH) courses
    • Teaching & guidance of Postgraduate MVSc and PhD courses
    • Teaching of National diploma on Biologicals Products (N.D.B.P.) courses
  3. Training Activities
    • Short term Training courses to state Vetrinary biologicals Units. (2 to 3 months duration).
      • Hands on training on production and standardization of Bacterial vaccines and diagnostics.
      • Hands on training on production and quality control on viral vaccines.
    • Training to Internship of BVSc&AH students.
    • Skill development on cell culture and virus handling techniques for various stockholders.
    • Entrepreneurship development programme under agribusiness incubation activities of the institute
  4. Service Activities
    • Technological Improvement/Production and Standardization of Diagnostic antigens and sera.
    • S.N. Sub Projects Principal Investigator
      1 Production and Standardization of purified protein derivatives (PPD) of Bovine Tuberculin, Johnin and Mallein. P.Das, PS
      2 Production and Standardization of Brucella diagnostic antigens (RBPT, MRT/ABR & SAT) and positive sera. Bablu Kumar, Sr. Sci. V. K. Chaturvedi, PS
      3 Production and Standardization of Salmonella antigens (Plain, Coloured and H) and antisera. V. K. Chaturvedi, PS
    • Other Service Activities
      • Supply of bacterial and viral Vaccine of seed strains to various biological units as a national repository.
      • Advisory and consultancy services and veterinary biologicals at national level
      • Rendering CDV diagnostic services of wildlife and domestic population samples with CWL section
Agarose gel electrophoresis of Theileria genus

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