Biological Product Division



  • Diagnostics Section:
    • Diagnostic Antigens Laboratory.
    • Salmonella Antigens/Sera Lab.
    • Brucella Antigens/Sera Lab.
  • Viral Vaccine Section:
    • Sheep Pox Vaccine Lab.
    • Swine Fever Vaccine Lab
    • Poultry Vaccine Lab.
    • Rabies Vaccine Lab.
  • Bacterial Vaccine Section:
    • H.S.Vaccine Lab.
    • Enterotoxaemia Vaccine Lab.
    • Brucella Strain-19 Vaccine Lab.
    • Salmonella abortus equi vaccine Lab.
  • Service Section:
    • Freeze drying Unit
    • Boiler Unit.
    • Media Preparation Unit.
    • Washing & Sterilization Unit.
    • Experimental Sheds.
  • Quality Control Section:
    • Diagnostics.
    • Viral Vaccines.
    • Bacterial Vaccines.
  • Administration & Supply:
    • Head of Division’s Office.
    • Store Section.
    • Accounts & Sales Tax Section.
    • Supply Section.
    • Packing Section.


  • Central Instrumentation Facility:
  • Division has developed central instrumentation facility wherein equipments like Gradient PCR, deep freezer, centrifuge, ELISA reader, Electrophoresis apparatus etc are being maintained for R&D activities by the faculties and students.

  • Freeze Drying Facility:
  • In BP Division, automated freeze dryer with high throughput capacity is available which is used by the faculties and student for different biological

  • Cold Room Facility:
  • In order to keep/store biologicals (Vaccines and diagnostics) for testing and R&D purpose, division has developed cold room (40C) facility.

  • Animal shed Facility:
  • The division is maintaining animal sheds for different animals (large, small and laboratory) for testing of biological and R&D. This shed comprises routine experiment work, challenge shed, laboratory animals shed and shed for rehabilitation of the animals.

  • Incinerator Facility:
  • The division is also maintaining Incinerator used for management of biological and hazardous waste originated from different laboratory works.

  • Agribusiness incubator (ABI) centre:
  • Of late, division has also established ABI centre for animal science. This centre is dedicated for conducting trainings, teaching and R&D purposes.

Agarose gel electrophoresis of Theileria genus

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