Veterinary Biotechnology Division

Research Projects

Institute Project

  • miRNA profiling of canine mammary tumours for identification of miRNA signatures associated canine mammary tumours.
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Sonal                                                                                           ; Start Date:Aug-20; END DATE: Jul-22)

Externally Funded Project

  • Detection of peptide biomarkers and development of synthetic anti-microbial peptide hydrogels for bovine mastitis
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Sameer Shrivastava; Start Date:Jan-17; END DATE: June-20)
  • Development and evaluation of a genetically engineered vaccine against Newcastle disease and chicken infectious anaemia of chickens
    (Principal Investigator:Dr C. Madhan Mohan; Start Date:Dec-17; END DATE: June-21)
  • Development and evaluation of multiplex assay for detecting canine mammary  tumour associated biomarkers in clinical cases of canine mammary cancer (DBT-GADVASU Canine Research Centre and Networks)
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Sonal                                                                                           ; Start Date:Mar-18; END DATE: Mar-21)
  • Novel alternative post-exposure rabies prophylaxis and treatment (PEP&PET) strategy (DBT-GADVASU Canine Research Centre and Networks)
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Deepak Kumar; Start Date:Mar-18; END DATE: Mar-21)
  • Elucidating the functions of epitranscriptomic modifications in Peste des Petits Ruminants Virus (PPRV) infections
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Basavaraj Sajjanar; Start Date:Jan-19; END DATE: Dec-23)
  • Elucidating the interaction of non-structural proteins of Bluetongue virus with mammalian host and vector cells
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Sonalika Mahajan; Start Date:Sep-18; END DATE: Sep-21)
  • Epigenetic basis for thermal stress tolerance in india breeds and exotic cross -bred dairy cattle
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Basavaraj Sajjanar; Start Date:Nov-19; END DATE: Nov-22)
  • Evaluation of glycoprotein E (gE)-deleted infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) marker vaccine candidate in cattle .
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Praveen K Gupta; Start Date:Apr-20; END DATE: Mar-23)
  • A venture towards translating the indigenous diagnostic kits for economically important poultry viral diseases from lab to land
    (Principal Investigator:Dr. Sohini Dey; Start Date:Oct-20; END DATE: Oct-22)
  • Intelligent System for Computer-Assisted Diagnosis (CAD) of Canine Mammary Tumours
    (Principal Investigator:Dr Sonal                                                                                           ; Start Date:Mar-20; END DATE: Mar-22)

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