Standardization Division

Major Achievements

  • Development of potency assays for testing of Anthrax Spore Vaccine (Live) in guinea pigs, Salmonella Abortusequi (Killed) Vaccine, Streptococcus equi (Killed) vaccine, Fowl Cholera (Killed) vaccine, Enterotoxaemia vaccine, Haemorrhagic septicaemia (HS) vaccine in rabbits and standardized in vitro methods of potency assay for HS vaccines by determination of protective index by agglutination test using live P52.
  • Improvement of vaccines viz; Multiple Emulsion HS vaccine, Multiple Emulsion fowl cholera vaccine, cell culture adopted vaccine strain Gumbovac-394 for Gumboro Disease, cell culture vaccine for classical swine fever virus as an alternate to Lapinized swine fever vaccine and exploration of therapeutic potential of bacteriophages in staphylococcal induced mastitis.
  • Development of improved diagnostics for TB by production of Tuberculin PPD from an Indian strain of Mycobacterium bovis, a recombinant protein based antigen capture ELISA for rapid detection of rotavirus in diarrheic samples.
  • Development of quality control PCR-based molecular technique for detection of extraneous agents (BVDV, Mycoplasma, PCV, EDS and CIAV etc) in live viral vaccines.
  • Developed bovine tumour cell lines from biopsy collected from the bovine rectal myxoma tumour.
  • Developed and characterized viral gene constructs having oncolytic potential. The gene constructs developed has ability to cause regression of canine venereal and mammary tumours.
  • Identified specific ligands on horn cancer, mouse mammary tumour cells by phage display and cell penetrating peptides in order to develop cancer cell specific delivery vehicle.

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